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HI - I have an interesting Led Zeppelin Acetate..


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9 hours ago, Phonostage said:

Thanks. Do you know if these edits exist on any non-bootleg material? They’re not like this on the complete BBC sessions release... they don’t have so much talking or clapping. Thanks

Afaik bootlegs are the only way to hear all the in between song banter, the Japanese broadcast boot has the most of which there are a couple of versions, one in very narrow thin sounding stereo, another in fuller sounding wider stereo. Those boots also have the WIAWSNB false start where Plant is in the wrong key.

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As my Dad was the producer of this ... I can tell you that it's not his writing or his secretary's ... I've no idea what this is but I'm afraid it does not look genuine. I have copies of most of my Dad's recordings from the 70s when he was a producer at Transcription services and none of them look like this. 

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