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My Stereo Set-Up


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This is my set up.

Bowers and Wilkins 802 Floor-standing loudspeakers


California Audio Labs - CL10


Magnum Dynalab - FT11 Analog FM Tuner


BK - Sonata Series - MC101- Preamp


2 BK - Sonata Series - EX 442 - Amps 


Sota - Belt Driven Turntable








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Nice setup. Do you have to pull the speakers out to get better imaging and\or control the bass?

My current setup:

JOB monoblock amplifiers

iFi Micro iTube 2 preamp

Gustard X20 DAC (modified)

Magnepan Mini Maggie Speakers (for both desktop and regular listening)

SVS Subwoofer (forgot the model)

Grover Huffman Empress speaker cables and interconnects

Panamax 5410 power center

Source is an iMac running Audirvana


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I have a pair of Klipsch synergy f3 floorstander speakers, a pair of synergy s2 surround sound speakers, a synergy subwoofer 12 120v and a synergy c2 center speaker connected to my Denon AV Surround Reciever (AVR-391) and it's more than capable for putting out some absolutely serious sound if needed.

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Got rid of every Samsung, Denon, and Infiniti component I had and went strictly with Sony.  Overpriced?  Yep.  Better available stuff?  Yep.  But it sure is nice have matching components that have no problems communicating with each other.  One remote for everything, phone pictures flipped to the tv with an index finger, access to apps in a heartbeat, and headphones always in sync.  My ears are beyond recognizing any subtle audio differences from a high-end system these days anyway.

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