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Becoming Led Zeppelin documentary & American Epic (Quick Update)


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While I understand, and share, much of the frustration around this film, it was not financed by Led Zeppelin and they have no control over when it is released. They could potentially buy it from the producer and release it themselves, but that would likely be a very large investment with no guarantee of a return. As such, it's currently as much of a waiting game for them as it is for us, and whether or not the film ever sees the light of day, the band's legacy is secure even if it never gets released.

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Perhaps, Jimmy could just tape his afternoon noodling on guitar with friends Brian May and Tony Iommi (as recently seen in NY for Gibson launch of new guitar reissues) and make a sequel to “It Might Get Loud” (documentary) and call it, “It Might Get Louder”. It’d be released sooner. 



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