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Inside the filming of Led Zeppelin at Shepperton Studios: The Genesis of the project

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Thanks Zep Hed. This article confirms two points I have long maintained when discussing this film with others.

1. Joe Massot was an incompetent cunt.

2. The audio from the film and soundtrack album still comes from the Madison Square Garden concerts. There was no Shepperton audio overdubbed into the film or soundtrack as is so often claimed by other people. So, while certain visual sequences in the film may come from the Shepperton reshoots, what you HEAR is all from the actual 1973 MSG concerts.

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4 minutes ago, Strider said:

1. Joe Massot....

I'd love to have been a fly on the wall when he told Peter and Jimmy that they were going to have rent a soundstage and pay for a reshoot because he couldn't produce a finished movie from all of the film he shot. 

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You’ve got three nights and three cameras and cannot get it in the jar properly. FFS!

Strider’s first point tells all.


Somehow people like this accumulated to the industry in the 70s. A lot of missed opportunities like Jimi’s concerts in Berkeley 1970.

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All these camera crews who filmed Zeppelin were just really so bad.   Every filmed show was done rather poorly. 

I’ll bet the main problem is the people hired probably didn’t really go to concerts and know what happens or how to present a band onstage.    

I was watching 3 concerts by a midsized band this past weekend shot in Finland.  Nice slow or medium zooms and/or pans, one static “savior” shot of the full frame of the stage so you always have a good shot to rely on and a most simple approach. 

Finally: how about shoot the full show, and don’t stop your camera over and over (and I don’t mean to switch the film magazines).  

What a loss…though I’ll bet there is a ton of MSG 1973 films but the band just doesn’t want to do anything with the footage.  

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