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ARMS 1983 US Tour 40th Anniversary - Jimmy Page 'Return to the Garden' photo


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Today marks the 40th anniversary of the A.R.M.S. charity tour in America, which started in Dallas on November 28th 1983. The tour concluded with two nights at New York's Madison Square Garden. This shot by Tony Defilippis embodies what the image is referred to as “The Return to the Garden”, December 8th, 1983 -  Jimmy’s first time back to Madison Square Garden since Led Zeppelin played there in June 1977. This is one of the best post-Led Zeppelin photographs of Jimmy Page and one of his favorites, which he featured in his first official book “Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page” published by Genesis Publications in 2010. 

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Great picture.  I believe he was mostly clean at this point in his career.

I remember reading how the whole ARMS thing started, they were at this small party gathering and they signed up EC and Beck.  And Page went up to the guy and said "no one asked me to play on it.  Why can't i play on it"?   He got such an amazing crowd reaction, it's bewildering why he didn't go out on tour and do some DW2 and some Zep.  The fans were certainly ready for it.

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On 11/29/2023 at 10:19 PM, The Only Way To Fly said:

This shot SO reminds me of Robert with the dove in 1973. 

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 8.19.04 PM.png

I do believe your comparison here? is the finest compliment anyone (besides the guitarist himself) has.ever given about an image of mine. Thank you kindly for that, TOWTF...and you may have something here I've never considered- that Plant image from Kezar 73, from 76 till I moved outta my parents home in 86, was.FRONT N CENTER, so to speak, in my room....meaning, DIRECTLY above my Pioneer stereo system....entire room covered with nothing BUT Zeppelin  posters, but that poster was the ONLY ZEPPELIN POSTER....that stayed put....for an entire decade....now those posters are 100% the main reason I got into concert photography....and that image in particular, being I held it in such high regard?..perhaps you're onto something ....anyway, the other guitarist I loved photographing, who'd be the only other live guitarist that blew me away in a similar sense to Jimmy, is Jim McCarty outta Detroit....this guy also has the magic touch...DSC_2525.thumb.jpg.1ff7a89a3b797ccfe2d5f52615a87a4a.jpg



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I saw the ARMS show at the LA Forum.  I remember the audience's hysteria as he walked on to the stage. It was as loud as a jet plane taking off. The famous music writer Robert Hillburn wrote that Jimmy could have walked off the stage, never played a note and the crowd would not have cared in the least.    Regrettably, Jimmy seemed almost out of it.  High as a kite, thin as a wire, unsteady  -- and for a moment or two, he was brilliant,   Most of us were cheering for the Death Wish songs because we felt like we had to  ---while we waited for Stairway.   When he played Stairway, it did not sound the same, but we did not care.... it was Stairway and Jimmy Page was playing.  We went home happy and a little sad.

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I saw the LA show also. Drove up from Fun Diego. Page was staggering, swaying, chop stepping, the whole package. Midnite Moonlight seemed like it when on forever. Then Stairway and the encores. It was Jimmy fucking Page, nuff said.

However, I do remember Jeff Beck bouncing his guitar like a basketball for one or two dribbles. Ahh, the Forum

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