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Mythbusters Jan 23


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I have to pass this along.....

Jan 23, 9:00 pm

(60 minutes)


Lead Balloon


In this episode of Mythbusters, surfs up dude! The team tests if a couple of sticks of dynamite can create ideal surfing conditions and then test the proverbial lead balloon.

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I watched it; it flew. I'm not 100% positive, but I think one of them did make a reference at the end.

Jamie did:

(after it flew)

"Do you think we could build a le(a)d zeppelin?"

I looked over at my wife and said "Yes they probably could,but Jimmy Page already did."

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This episode is on SBS free to air in NSW, Saturday 13/09/08 7.30 pm AEST.


My suspicions are that the reasoning behind it came about firstly, by the phrase itself and the Led Zeppelin reference for the last 40 years, as per Keith Moon's off the cuff remark in the late sixties.

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