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Stupid Pics

Chien Noir

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Aw, I have a thread dedicated to me. How lovely. This post is more along the lines of "my family is full of nutjobs" than stupid pictures. I'll find some better ones when I'm not abusing the computer at work.

Say hello to my dad.


I already posted this in the regular picture thread, but when I was three I was very safety conscious. I pretty much wore this every time I took a bath, too.


One night during finals week, my roommate and I were sick of pretending to study, so we messed around with my webcam and the South Parkize yourself website. Here's me and my South Park character. I don't see any resemblance at all.


One more from that session is when we were being "Idaho gangstas." You've heard of the hot girls with douche bags thread, this is fit for the douche bags with web cams thread.


Haha these are not very good. I'll come up with better ones later.

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^ I'd say photo taken in turbulance. :P

I found a few more, but only someone with my insane/inane sense of humor will understand them.

So the Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante's hero is Frank Zappa, and I made this saying he was taking trying to be like him a little too far. Mostly I couldn't pass up an opportunity to take advantage of this facial expression.


I also did I Am the Walrus...


1983 (A Merman I Should Turn to Be) (my favorite song ever)


Okay, I better stop before you guys start judging me. :P

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