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Best non- EC 1975 show?


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Vancouver is the first one that comes to mind.

MSG 2-12 was great also. The other New York shows are good also.

St. Louis 2-16 is a good one.

Brussells 1-12, Chicago 1-20 were good also, but Robert's voices isn't very good. The band was awesome these nights.

Went to two shows at MSG in Feb '75, the first and the third. Not sure of the dates..2/9 & 2/12?

The thing that stands out in my mind about the first show is that P.G. had not yet been released, so that I was getting the "First Listen" of the new tracks under prime conditions.

I've always liked Jimmy's bottleneck style, so you can imagine the joy in my heart when he

hit that first languid run on IMTOD. Then later in the song, when he and Bonzo do that stuttering release in unison...man' I done quit this world altogether.

I also liked the version of No Quarter that they did . More of a fuzz-edge and less wah-wah from Jimmy than in '73. Percy had his s**t together that night and was very bluesy.

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