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Led Zeppelin Live


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I found an old untitled bootleg cd today and I was wondering if someone could identify the concert.

Controlled by(???) Amcos and distributed by Mainline Music Pty. Ltd.

It seems to be a US gig circa 1977, I say this because Jimmy plays The Star Spangled Banner midway through the disc and I doubt he would play that in England.

And no I didn't purchase it, rather it was given to me by a work colleague about 9 years ago.

Set list:

The Battle Of Evermore (John Bonham doing the Sandy Denny vocals)

Going To California

Black Country Woman

Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

White Summer


Achilles Last Stand

Stairway To Heaven

Rock "N" Roll

Trampled Underfoot

Maybe The Evster can shed some light on this?

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