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The Oonerspism thread

The Bomber

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You mix up a word to create a spoonerism,a spoonerism of spoonerism is oonerszpism,hence the thread name.

Ok,we've all had them,now out with it!

"Can i buy some cop porn?"-Friend of a friend at a cinema to person behind counter.

"Do you have any boncrete clocks?"-Friend of friend to builder.

"I am not the pleasant f*cker,

i'm the pleasant f*ckers son

And i'm only f*cking pleasant

'till the pleasant f*cker comes."

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Hahahahaha, my Gran used to do spoonerisms all the time. She was a really polite lady who never swore and one day announced to a room full of relatives that she was "just going upstairs to wash her fucky mace!!" (mucky face) God love her!!! As you can imagine, we erupted into gales of laughter while she ran off mortified!!!! :hysterical:

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"You seem to be a pretty fart smeller" my friend used to tell me.

Not that we needed any more, but I once asked the waitress to bring us a "pupple of kints."

I must have been thinking of a Zeppelin salad when I told my wife we needed a "Led of hettuce."

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