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Uncle Bill

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the prs se series a brilliant!

great guitars, the quality is far better than many other "budget" guitars.

the only thing that can be a litte disapointing with them, are the pickups.

but those ae easily changed for som decent ones.

guitarfetish.com has some really good cheap ones.

a GFS paf in the neck and a fat paf in the brifge and you should be

all right.

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a friend of mine is thinking of buying one of these Korean made budget guitars, any comments/ experiences would be appreciated. He's primarily a hobby musician with 40+years playing. He has a Strat and some other ones I don't know. UB :thanku::beer:

Hiya Bill,

I think with those cheapish copies, some are reasonable, some not.

So it's best to check that the octaves in tune all the way through and that it will tune up in any key.

I think you'll find the trouble with cheapish copies is the trouble with tuning them properly.

So basic octaves are important and it is better to have an adjustable bridge.

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