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The"I Don't Know But I Been Told"Thread


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This probably won't gain any traction,but what the hell?

Here's the dealio.

1 Create a two liner a la the Black Dog meter(additional lines if needed)

2 Subject matter to your discretion(mundane,trivial,philosophical,etc.)

3 Must rhyme or come close.For example:

The idea of this thread,it seem pretty dumb

Believe it gonna sink me with a case of the runs.

4 You can build off a previous post or originate your own

I'll kick it off with a line from its inspiration,Black Dog.And I can't take credit for the second line either.

I don't know but I been told

Green grasshopper got a red a**hole.

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I dont know but Ive been told

Live this way, ya wont grow old

Doin' a doob sure looks good to me

Got the munchies now,off to KFC

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Jabe.  Birmingham, AL.  I tell you what I heard in Kenosha, WI when I was a boy. You can't take credit for the line because you were not living at the time this ditty was invented.  It is old, I'm sure. I heard a kid say this line back in the early 1960's.  His father was in WWI. 

"i don't know what I've been told, the green grasshopper has a red asshole."

This was probably a cadence from Army circa 1914.  Maybe not.


How about this one?  "Cabin boy. Cabin boy. that dirty little knipper.  He lined his ass with broken glass and circumcised the skipper."  This I heard from a Canadian rugby player about 1995.

I think both lines are from England, or have an English provenance.



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