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Plant being selfish again!

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What some people don't (or refuse to) get, is there won't be a TOUR. Robert's not averse to maybe doing a gig, under the right circumstances, here and there. Just not a full-on Zeppelin reunion TOUR.

Look for Jimmy in a few months and enjoy it! :beer:

Cause that's what it is, and bitching and moaning ain't gonna change a thing.

Crumbs keep birds alive in the park. Might just be what we have to live on.

I'll take my crumbs and be grateful for the sustenance. If I get offered a four course meal. I'll eat it.

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Is it me or is Robert Plant being extremely selfish refusing to do a reunion?? After all it was Zeppelin that made him who he is today, and after 28 years would a 6 month tour really prohibit him from finishing all the other projects he wants to do? The other members are willing to commit and give the fans what they want. Thoughts anyone?

....not again-please

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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