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The Groundhogs


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I have two albums with Groundhogs, Blues Obituary and Split.

My favorite song with Groundhogs is Cherry Red, which is on Split, it f'n rocks the shit out of you.

Check it out right here: Cherry Red (audio only)

All night long I loved her, morning came too soon,

I knew she'd be gone by the afternoon,

I said please don't go, still she said goodbye,

As she turned around she had a crafty look in her eye.

When the moon rise this evening, you turn round in your bed

The warmth of my body will heat you, make your blood run



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I only have their album Split, really good album. From that album I'm sure I can expect the other albums to be good.

My favorite song of theirs thus far would have to be Split-Part One, Very trippy song. Fucking sweet drumming!

In the dying embers of a burnt-out day,

When morning seems a thousand hours away,

Dark prevails and the light gives up the fight to stay.

The blackness thickens and surrounds,

Masking all but distant sounds,

I seek for thought to occupy still conscious mind.


As calm and peace surround my bed,

I feel that sleep is not far ahead,

But in place of slumber comes a bolt of fear instead.


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