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Lez Zeppelin's individual insignias


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i think this is what you are asking for but im not sure

i read a book by richard cole and the way they chose their symbols was first jimmy had a book filled with special symbols that he kept with him all the time and (i cant remember why) they just dicided to choose symbols....jimmy already had his symbol picked out which was "ZoSo" because, according to richard cole, it was one of the signs for the CAPRICORN which is what jimmy is cosidering his birthday is January 9th...the reason robert picked out the feather and circle (according to richard cole) is a "mystery"...JPJ and Bonzo picked out their symbols one night while jimmy and robert were out shopping in France using Jimmy's symbols book...the way they picked theirs out was first Bonzo picked his out with is (as you probally know) the 3 circles joining together to form 3 "football" shapes in the middle so then JPJ picked out the 3 "football" shapes joined together by a circle...they chose these two symbols because they are alike and in "rythum" because the BASSIST and DRUMMER need to be in rythum together to keep the song going

hope that cleared something up if it doesnt just ask me to explain it better

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