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John Paul Jones - soundtrack work


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Scanning the IMDB site I noticed that JPJ has been involved in several movie soundtracks over the years:

  • Scream for Help (1984) - composer/performer
  • For All Mankind (1989) - writer/performer of "4 minute warning"
  • The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb (1993) - theme composer
  • Risk (1994) - composer
  • Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist (2008) - writer of "Fever"

I've heard the soundtrack for Scream for Help, but not the others. Are any of the others available, has anyone heard them?

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"Four Minute Warning" is an old recording of JPJ's that was later used in a documentary about space flight ("For All Mankind")

"Risk" features all new music. Some of it is quite good.

"Tom Thumb" features one new song from JPJ (an instrumental).

And the song on the Nick & Nora soundtrack was written by a totally different "John Paul Jones"

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"Four Minute Warning" was recorded in 1985 for Brian Eno's record label (in hopes of landing future soundtrack gigs). It was eventually released on an album called "Music For Films III".

The "Risk" soundtrack and the "Tom Thumb Theme" have never been released, and both movies are out of print. You might be able to find a used VHS or DVD somewhere.

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