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Best Led Zeppelin Bootlegs! (Or ROIOs, whatever...)


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Hey everyone!

I am/was very much into Queen bootlegs, eventually I had acquired about 150, but then, as I got into other bands, like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and more, I seemed to lose interest. So I narrowed my collection down to about 40, only the best quality ones and the best performances - I get alot of listening enjoyment from these.

I'm looking to get into Led Zeppelin bootlegs and was wondering if you could help me. I would basically like to know what the best recordings are from each year. Best for sound quality and performance. But mainly quality. Soundboard please!



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To start with...

1969/04/27- San Francisco, Fillmore West

1969/06/27- London, BBC

1969/08/31- Dallas, Texas Pop Festival

1969/10/10- Paris

1970/01/09- London, Royal Albert Hall

1970/03/07- Montreux, Switzerland (not a sbd, but an excellent aud)

1970/09/04- Los Angeles, The Forum (not a sbd, but an excellent aud)

1971/04/01- London, BBC

1971/08/31- Orlando

1971/09/29- Osaka, Festival Hall

1972/06/25- Official Release "How the West Was Won"

1973/05/14- New Orleans

1973/07/28- New York aka The Song Remains the Same

1975/02/12- New York

1975/02/14- Nassau

1975/03/19- Vancouver

1975/05/25- Earls Court

1977/05/21- Houston

1977/06/21- Los Angeles (must-have aud)

1977/06/23- Los Angeles (must-have aud)

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Mean Mr. Ketchup,

Those are some good choices for you to start with as suggested by Cookieshoes, but there are many more good quality recordings than that. Too many to list or at least till I can get around to spending the time to think about it and go through each year. There are also some with outtakes, rehearsals and alternate versions. You may want to seek those out as well.

Here's a good place to start with live unofficial releases and reviewed for each release, performance, sound quality etc. Have fun!

Underground Uprising

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