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  1. Available at Newstands (Nearly) Everywhere

    "Let's hold hands and contact the living. What else can you do, really?" - That, in a nutshell, is why I love Plant.
  2. Good points, and well said! These are the ironies of Steve's incessant Plant bashing: He's bored by the music but somehow hyper-interested and invested in making sure everyone knows over and over (and over and over) again that he's bored. And his main complaint is that Plant's recent music is monotonous and repetitive, which is exactly the tenor and content of his complaint.
  3. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    I agree - the snippet sounds great, and the very small vocal bits seem well-balanced in the mix, and if I am hearing correctly might also have had a touch of reverb added, though I can't be sure. But yes, the big question is whether Relf's rather dire and often out of tune vocals have been left warts-and-all, or have been sweetened (via reverb and/or autotone).
  4. Baton Rouge 2/28/75

    I love a lot of Liriodendron's work, but I'm not a huge fan of matrixes. The best-sounding version of 2-28 I've heard is a soundboard remaster done by Grame. Its probably findable "out there." YMMV of course - some folks hate remastered/fixed-up soundboards and would rather listen to a decent AUD source.
  5. Royal Albert Hall 1970

    That's interesting. I like it too - sounds very "rude," as Page has been known to say. And it's a nice variation from how his tone sounds on most other live Zep tapes. For some reason, though, a lot of the hardcore fans online say they hate his tone on this show - I guess they think it's too messy and fuzzy. I like it though.
  6. Cologne is a Festival set, though fairly long for one. The video is proshot. The audio is live-mixed-down for TV/FM broadcast, so technically a soundboard but a very good-sounding one. My personal favorite 1998 show, thinking of the balance between sound, setlist, performance quality, and overall vibe, is the 10-1 New Orleans one. The only truly official (and official sound quality) multitrack mixdown sources for live Page-Plant on tour are: 3 tracks from the 3-25-98 Shepherd's Bush show (available on a Japan CD-single/EP of "Shining in the Light") 4 tracks from a 12-10-98 multi-artist Amnesty International benefit concert (available on the DVD of that concert) In addition, there is a professional multi-track mixdown "out there" from an aborted official release, consisting of 5 tracks from the 04-01-95 Auburn Hills/Detroit show (note this is a '95 show, not '98). There's also a Westwood One source, which is a professional mixdown, of the 5-20-95 San Jose show but it contains only 11 out of the 17(?) songs performed that night. Of the three, the Shepherd's Bush tracks sound the best, although the Amnesty show tracks sound nearly as good. The 1995 tracks sound very nice, but the mix/mastering is a bit bass-shy. The Westwood One source sounds great, but just a notch below the sound quality of the '98 shows IMHO. It's really a shame that there never was an official release of a full 1998 show (or a composite show drawn from multiple dates). It would be great if Page would do one - and if Plant would let him do it - to mark the 20th anniversary of that tour.
  7. Oops, forgot about 3-30 Paris - yes, that's a great one. The New Orleans one is the 10-1 show I noted above. I think New Orleans is my absolute favorite, although it seems most P&P hardcore fans always point to 8-23 (Cologne).
  8. I would recommend you do a search here; there are some threads that have good lists. That said, totally off the top of my head: 2-13, 2-15, and 2-17-1996 Japan tour: Great Zep stuff, great performances, available in great soundboard quality 3-25, 7-14, 8-23, 9-23, 10-1, and 12-10 1998 US and European tour: Even more Zep-oriented, and Page is back to 1973 level of playing on some shows.
  9. Southampton 73- Why it's the best bootleg

    I think you make very good points. However, I have to agree with Strider: I like Southampton and think it's a great gift that we have access to it - and I love the How Many More Times/Communication Breakdown encore. But it's far from the best bootleg. Also, FYI the main reason the sound is as good as it is, is that it's not a soundboard. It's a mixdown of a professional multitrack recording.
  10. Bring It On Home from Coda Deluxe Release

    I too love this track/version, and for me it was one of the most pleasant surprises of all the companion tracks.
  11. I don't know if this my favorite '75 show, but I agree Bonham is on fire, and that it's a very nice, loose performance. It's definitely the biggest and most pleasant surprise of the recent '75 soundboard releases.
  12. Multitracks on DVD

    If you're willing to purchase DVD Audio Extractor, it takes just a few clicks and a few minutes to extract the audio, and it's dead easy.
  13. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Holy sh*t! Never thought that particular track would see official release. The original show freshly mixed without the crowd noise, plus those studio tracks? I am soooo in! I really hope they didn't dynamically crush the new mix/mastering - and I really, really hope they added a touch of reverb to Relf's voice to smooth it out slightly; it's a great show but his voice is in rough shape.
  14. Led Zeppelin Offical DVD Audio

    No problem! Since all the 2.0 stereo mixes also have lossy AC3 tracks, I wonder if it's possible that the playback software defaulted to playing the AC3 stereo track rather than the LPCM one?
  15. Led Zeppelin Offical DVD Audio

    If someone is looking for the regular stereo mixes of the audio, then they are not restricted to lossy - those are on the DVDs in lossless quality too. The surround mixes are indeed all lossy AC3 only, but the 2.0 stereo mixes of Royal Albert Hall, Madison Square Garden, Earls Court, and Knebworth all are available on the DVD in both lossy AC3 and lossless LPCM. The extras (Travelling Riverside Blues music video, interviews, and the early TV appearances) are the only parts that are lossy-only on the stereo mix.
  16. Any time now.....

    All good!
  17. Any time now.....

    FWIW, I have no quibble with you, just with Steve.
  18. Any time now.....

    It went under, not over.
  19. Any time now.....

    Gotta agree with you there. Well said!
  20. Any time now.....

    Dude, if you have to say, "I do it in a way that's quite clever and often funny," then by definition you don't.
  21. Any time now.....

    That video is an apt representation of your monotonous, endlessly repeated one-note criticism of Plant. You criticize him for being boring and repetitive, and you do it in the most boring, repetitive way possible. The clinical term for accusing someone of something you display yourself is projection.
  22. Greta Van Fleet

    Musicianship-wise, they seem like the real deal to me. It's also impressive that they're so young but already have been performing and writing songs for five years. Whether or not they're a flash in the pan or become established artists probably will depend on the quality of their songwriting, which to my ears is pretty good, if not great - but definitely agree there's a lot of potential there.
  23. Jimmy Page WNEW 1977 Interview

    Steve, thanks so much for the link - very cool! But it sure sounds like the interview took place June 9 rather than June 7. Around the 28 minute mark, and then again later, the DJ says the band will play the four remaining shows Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday (e.g. June 10, 11, 13, and 14) and repeatedly refers to the Friday show as "tomorrow" and "tomorrow night." Also, earlier in the interview the DJ makes it plain that the band already have played one or more of the 6 NYC dates, and Page says they are off that day (the day of the interview). The only date that was (A) after at least one show had been played, (B) before the Friday June 10 show, and (C) a day off, was Thursday, June 9. So unless I'm missing something, the interview date was June 9, not June 7, yes?
  24. Duh! Bonzo's Montreux. How stupid of me!
  25. Plant's best-selling single: I think it was "Sea of Love". Page Grammy: Probably not the answer you're looking for, but Page and Plant won a Grammy for "Most High". Don't know why the quote didn't work here, but this was the question about why the wrong time duration was listed for How Many More Times, yes? I believe they did that to try to trick DJs into playing it on the radio - it was listed at like 3 minutes and something, typical length for a single, rather than its true full length. Black Dog on Denton show: I think didgeridoo (is that how you spell it?) 3 name-checked musicians: Roy Harper, Ian Stewart ("Boogie with Stu"), and ... i don't know. I would guess Walter's Walk, but I can't remember the story and am not at all sure. Dancing Days