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  1. If nothing else, this and the 'Any time now......' message on Plant's site does make the heart beat just a little bit faster.
  2. For what turned out to be their final Forum gig, it was quite awesome - one of my top nights - Winston's being my preference.
  3. MSG 1973-07-28, The Effect Is Shattering (EVSD) - great show and great quality recording.
  4. Now you've got me. I need to check what sources I have and if necessary I'll look for some audience ones. Thanks for the heads-up.
  5. Been doing a comparison between the versions of this date (29th) that I have after reading this thread. Cellar Full Of Noise is about the clearest but I find the sound very thin probably to bring Plants voice higher in the mix. All but one of the others has Plant further back in the mix (to my ears anyway) so although these are far from the best Zeppelin audience releases, the Last Stand version of Live in Japan 71 is not bad at all. Plant is more to the fore in the mix but the sound is fuller than Cellar. Many of the Japan 71 and 72 shows seem hit and miss to me as regards to quality but I do like King Of The Monsters (No Name(?) Tokyo 71/09/23) and Eastern Front (Great Dane - Tokyo 72/10/02).
  6. I have half a dozen versions of this show (but not the weedwacker upload). I would say that according to my ears, Godfather's release (Conquering Kingdome) is my go to version with Tarantura 2000's release (Jupiter & Saturn) second. I go for these because in these versions, Robert is slightly more forward in the mix whereas on the others Jimmy is mixed to the fore and Robert seems buried a bit. There's not a lot in it but my preferences are reasonable enough quality - not even very good but at least Plant is not buried as much in the mix.
  7. Great work on the matrix Sue, really enjoying it.
  8. No-one can argue against 9-24-70, it is simply awesome. However, my personal favorite from '70 is 09-03-07. I probably listen to that more often than most others.
  9. Agreed on MD and D&C becoming more and more stretched out. As someone here pointed out, it would be a lot different hearing them at a live show than at home. Once I'd heard No Quarter live a number of times from different live shows it pretty much seemed to be the band backing Jones for a few minutes, then Jonesy noodling for a few more minutes and then the band is back and Jimmy soloing with Jones. I learned that no matter how good or not so good Jones is on a given night, when the band comes back and Jimmy solos, it's always a big 'high' for me. Never noticed a bad night for that part of NQ; perhaps it's the storm after the quiet that gets me. When Jimmy solos on Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, Over The Hills & Far Away, Stairway, NQ, Trampled Underfoot and Achilles Last Stand I am totally non-judgemental. It's all great.
  10. Hey Andy, can't begin to thank you for all the great releases you have created - I love the '77 ones the most and play them almost exclusively when listening to the 1977 tour. Really appreciate the series of Live Omega you're doing for the 1980 tour, just #11 left - Mannheim, July 2nd. Being an obsessive compulsive when it comes to Zeppelin releases, any word on when July 2nd will be done and dusted? Many thanks, Dave.
  11. This is from the database but there's no link showing for it so I copied the text: Small Fish (These are home-made releases created by the people from Presence server and using the artwork created by Small Fish, also semi-labelled by the nickname.) AT THE TOP OF THEIR GAME SMALL FISH SFCDR1179 CD-R1: Band Announcements/Rock And Roll/Sick Again/Over The Hills And Far Away/In My Time Of Dying/The Song Remains The Same/The Rain Song/Kashmir CD-R2: No Quarter/Since I've Been Loving You/Trampled Underfoot medley incl. Gallows Pole/Moby Dick CD-R3: Dazed And Confused medley incl. For What It's Worth, Woodstock, I Shot The Sheriff CD-R4: Stairway To Heaven/Whole Lotta Love medley incl. The Crunge/Out On The Tiles Intro/Black Dog/Communication Breakdown/Heartbreaker medley incl. Bouree Recording: Very good mono/stereo audience. Source: Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington Mar. 21 '75. Comments: Deluxe jewel case.
  12. From what I've read since the turn of the decade, I get the impression that deep down inside (or perhaps not too deep) he longs to be the guitarist in Zeppelin again. I think he is genuinely hurt by Robert's attitude (rightly or wrongly) especially as a few years ago 2014 seemed like it could be on from the comments Plant made a year or two before. I can't remember what interview this was from but it was a televised interview. At one point Jimmy is playing LZ IV and listening to Stairway to Heaven, He's holding the cover and there is silence from him while he's listening to the song and just staring at the cover. It wasn't hard to see that he was affected by the memories. I do think that Zeppelin has taken over his life and although he may get fired up at the idea of making new music, ultimately the desire diminishes because what he wants most is to play as part of Zeppelin again. I do think he has much sadness in him that the chances of that appear now to have gone. I really think it's a shame that a star that burned so bright and gave us so many thrills has been fading away for years because he's lost his true love. IMO of course.
  13. Late I know but just saw your post. Could you expand on why you think it's shite? I'm genuinely interested. I also have Winston's How The West Was Redone and only listen to that version as it has none of Jimmy's 'tweaks'. Just interested as to why HTWWW is considered a poor release. Thanks.
  14. To me the basic offbeat rhythm sounds not too dissimilar to that on For Your Life. Perhaps the band developed it further and eventually parts of it inspired FYL; acoustic --> Presence heavy. Just a thought.
  15. Not sure what is permitted to post here but anyway - It's on Dime as part of: Live on Blueberry Hill The Complete 1970 LA Forum Tapes (EVSD) The sources are also available individually, look for Source 2, TMOQ alternate source.