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  1. I think he cared a little for her so she wasn't just a groupie to pass around. Also, he has an ego...he wants her to only want him.
  2. A guy doesn't want his buddy screwing the girl he is's weird.
  3. Anyone have insight on what each member did after the show? Did they all attend an after party? What was the mood?
  4. He has a home in The Primrose area of London
  5. I never said he did but he does a more than adequate job, in fact, he did really well. He's gotten better over the years. It's more that it is Bonzos son. Period. If you don't understand that than you must not have children.
  6. 100% the right decision. Classy move. After the 02 show they should have reformed for a bit with Jason. His son is the right person, the only person, to take his Dads spot.
  7. I have never heard him say that in fact he said physical graffiti was their best work.
  8. Is it an autobiography or biography? Did he write it or provide the information to the writer?
  9. I've read a few times that Col Tom Parker wanted Peter Grant to manage a UK tour of Elvis. Did Col Parker really ask Grant this and what was Grant's response?
  10. Ehhh, did he exploited him, yes, to some degree but The Colonel protected Elvis' financial interests and at some point a person has to take responsibility for themselves and Elvis did a very poor job of taking care of himself. The Colonel was just a manager and not his parent. Was he supposed to tell Elvis what to do in his personal life? Peter Grant sure didn't tell Jimmy Page how to live in his personal life and he kept booking tours so was he exploiting Jimmy? And Elvis played Las Vegas because it was a great gig and it paid very well. But how about that band called Led Zeppelin? They were pretty good too.
  11. I agree with this statement.
  12. Well, Col Parker was very good in one way - at the end of the day, Elvis still owned his own recordings, his publishing rights, etc. Did Col Parker make bad decisions in Elvis' career? Sure. Did Col Parker take a big piece of the pie sometimes? Sure. But out of his cut he did pay for all the promotion - I don't know. I wouldn't say he exploited Elvis.
  13. Still selling well By Daniel Kreps August 9, 2015 Thirty-six years after Led Zeppelin's In Through the Out Door topped the Billboard 200, the band's eighth studio album was back in the Top 10 this week as the LP's new reissue reentered the charts at Number Nine. In Through the Out Door sold an additional 24,000 total units in its return to the Billboard 200, where it spent seven weeks at Number One in 1979, Billboard reports. Out Door also scored the highest reentry among the Zeppelin reissues since IV bowed in at Number Seven in November 2014.
  14. Looks like it could possibly be a bandaid on Jimmy's face.
  15. I can't believe they all were going on tour in 1980 with Jimmy in the shape he was in. He was in bad shape in 77 also and the shows were...less than killer? I thought that was the consensus.
  16. You mentioned Elvis- what are you referring to?
  17. I was more about the divorce and it could have been a deal to where he needed the money to pay her off. I think the timing of the sale would be a clue. His first solo record was on Swan Song so I don't know how Grant could have negotiated his deal for Es Paranza before Pictures at Eleven came out??? They could be separate transactions. Grant negotiated his solo deal, record came out, divorce started and he needed to pay her off so he sold these rights and at the same time, Swan Song was kaput so he started his own label, but I think the label was in name only, not a real label. Also, he sold royalties from the back catalog but not his PUBLISHING royalties, right? Big difference.
  18. There is no indication that RP doesn't care about money....most facts point to the opposite.
  19. If this has been posted before I am sorry but I did not see it. Wasn't there a lawsuit between Zeppelin and Grant over royalties at some point in the 80s or 90s?
  20. I disagree. Coverdale did very well on this project. Might be the best thing he's done. It was just at a time that grunge was exploding and rock like this just didn't sell to the masses.
  21. I've always wondered by RP kept slagging JPJ thru the 80's. In 87 a 88 he slagged JPJ a lot in the press.
  22. To throw gas on the fire....they had to use JPJ's own signature song to define the whole thing "No Quarter".