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  1. Going down the isle of a store and seeing all of these Father's Day cards. This is the first year... I sure do miss my Dad.
  2. Emotional Rescue was on the radio yesterday. It's been stuck.
  3. 6 mile hike.
  4. Great song
  5. I think that if you were a fair POTUS, it would be difficult. You have to throw away parties, which would lead you to condemnation from both sides. If I were POTUS, I would wish to meet dignitaries in Hawaii. It is a beautiful state. I have never been to Hawaii. But from what I've seen, it gorgeous! Have any forum members been there?
  6. Why does it have to deal with an election? It's Ramadan. The extremists only care about their ideology. They go by the book, because there is "no other way but that". The timing of the attacks didn't have anything to do with what happened in the Philippines. Dag on! You've got innocent people getting their throats slashed. People were thrown off the bridge into Thames River, and those were the lucky ones. God bless the UK. I am so saddened by those injured and to the families of those lost. England used to be such a strong country. They ruled 1/3rd of the world at one time. Now they get all these attacks from within because they were welcoming and innocent-minded. Manchester and the "Don't Look Back In Anger" song. That doesn't stop them. It encourages them if you sing to them after an attack. Please don't put your lives in the hands of a rock-n-roll band. England needs to get angry, identify the problem, and pressure their leaders to crack down on this! If they don't they are just rolling over because of appeasement and political correctness. I'm very sad to see this happening to England and her children.
  7. I've never seen the Victors. I'll have to check that out. Hey, Red. Have you ever seen Unbroken? Just about everything in that was true. Last movie I saw with my dad and lady a couple years back.
  8. Whoa little doggie! Get along, get along. I was just busting your chops the first time. I didn't appreciate being called a dick, you snowflake. Name calling is wrong. So I lashed back. I'm sorry for that. I really do wish the best for you and yours. I think your new home is beautiful. You're well deserving of having a dream home. Best to you and Mrs. Walter.
  9. I'm listening to this song at work, last week and I thought it was Rush, but it had a Led Zeppelin style. It was neither. Has anyone heard of this band?
  10. ale
  11. Wow! This is 8 minutes plus than what I've heard. Awesome video, too. I guess this solidifies and defines the mid 60's. Thanks, Red.
  12. Yeah, they make ice sculptures out of them, then get banned. Friends of yours? Tick Tick Tick Rock on Chuck.
  13. I guess some people have a nervous "tick". Sad to see.
  14. I've heard of the Koch brothers, but always in a negative light. Are they the ones that profited after Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were bailed out back in '08?
  15. Thank you both very much. You're right redrumrunner. I saw a WWII vet today. I talked to him for a bit. 96 year old man. He was fantastic Great guy.