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  1. Walter's picture shows that he is sad because of the countries selected: Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, and Syria. Walter's pic suggests it is because of none of these country's business ties are with Trump. He chooses the picture from Bloomberg (liberal).com Ok. Countries selected: Libya, Somalia, and Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, or Syria President Trump is not suspending visas from countries his team selected, they are simply suspending visa approval from countries President Obama selected. All President Trump is doing is taking the same action as Obama 2013, and applying Visa restrictions to the nation states Obama selected in 2015 and 2016. The President Obama Department of Homeland Security already targeted those seven listed countries for the past several years as nations of concern. Release Date: February 18, 2016 For Immediate Release DHS Press Office Libya, Somalia, and Yemen January 21, 2016 Iran, Iraq, Sudan, or Syria *Notice the dates* I know Walter wears the tin foil hat, but IpMan, I'm curious. What media did you use to find out about the financial ties not being in those countries? This isn't a judgement. I'd like to know the media from where you acquired the info. Because it would seem that kind of media is the kind that divides us, and laying in conspiracy theories. aka fake news. You're smart. If it can fool you, it can fool a lot of people. Best wishes of health and happiness to your and yours, IpMan. No disrespect meant. MSM gets the best of us all sometimes. I agree witchya you on Arabia. 9/11 didn't come from Iraq or Afghanistan. Take care. Best to you and yours.
  2. 1972
  3. Hi 'tenyearsgone21'! How's it goin'? I hate US Politics. I'm more interested in geopolitics to be honest with you. I find it more intriguing to see how leaders interact with their counterparts from other countries. But I agree that there doesn't have to be attacks. That's just extremists from both sides of the false left-right paradigm. So this video is for you and people who can lighten up whether on the left or right. These are funny. And this bottom one is specifically for Worthington. Notice how an accordion can make one's paws look bigger. Hands down! So lighten up Lefties and Righties. Just be glad to be alive. We live in a most interesting age, right?
  4. So Pachino's in Part III? I'm tempted, but based on the posts, yours and ZepHead315, I think I'll wait for a good while before watching the 3rd. I'd like it to end on a good note. Those first two were powerful. Let's leave it at that. Let it sink in for a bit. I don't know how they swayed Michael. He didn't want to be involved in the first place.
  5. Hey Strider. How's it going, my West Coastie Brotha? I don't wish to quote this whole thing. Because between your post combined with mine, we have one hell of a conversation, and all would agree. Gahhh. I'll fence wichya for a bit on this. Forgive me for wittling your quote. No disrespect meant. Purple Haze. I like it. Grazie Mille. It's better than snowflake. And you're right. Maybe I should take a rest. I don't lump you in with the term snowflake. I don't think you're a manic pummeling trashcans into Starbucks windows. You're very tolerant of other's opinions. You are my favorite liberal, because you have a sense of humor. There is one part of the definition of snowflake that leans toward you; as least as it pertains toward me: They accuse others of racism or intolerance, but don't judge themselves under the same criteria. *See #2* #1. I am neutral. Stop labeling me, please. I don't see things in right or left. I see things in right or wrong. And God knows I'm not perfect. I was never asked nor commented on cabinet picks. I think Breitbart is too far right for me. Maybe not for others. And I loved Bong Man's post about Pelosi's twin Betsy DeVos. I laughed when I saw his post. I don't know much about her. But from Jan 20th onward, so long as they don't mess me over, I'll give them a chance as I did with the former admin. #2. Michelle, my belle: Here comes that labeling again. You can call racism if you want. If I, or Kingzoso say we have a pretty First Lady, perhaps you are mistaking prejudice with preference. If your assumption of someone comparing this first lady's prettiness with the former, is based on the fact that the present one's skin color is white, what does that say about you? What if I like light brown hair over darker. What if I prefer blue eyes over brown? Does that make me or anyone racist as well. If I said Michelle is prettier than Barbara (Crowley) Bush, does that make me discriminate against age? What is deemed pretty is in the eyes of the beholder, anyway. It has nothing to do with racism. I think women of the Orient, India and Native America are more attractive IMO. I do love the skin complex. But I'm not racist, because of it. I'm a man of preference. My lady is Eastern European, and I find her hot and attractive. I'll settle for it. I remember the GOP Rambo bullies. I've had some names for them that I don't care to use anymore. I was as naïve as Diane Keaton in the Godfather, and...voted for Gore. Yes I did! Like I said, I'm neither left nor right. I'm #1 Pro-sovereignty (Anti-globalism) because I believe in Americana. #2. I'm anti-establishment. #3. I'm anti-people playing the race card. As Clinton said "That dog don't hunt." The race card doesn't work as well anymore. For those 3 reasons is why We The People have what we have for President. We have someone that was not a politician. It sends a message to those inbreds (meaning political families who think by heritage or political ties, they are due their place in ruling) that they actually can lose their position with We The People if they don't tow the line with us. #1 and #2 is why Brexit won. Most people like their country's identity, and don't want to lose that history about themselves. Britain never voted to be in the EU. It was forced on them, and then it was taken for granted - Thank you. People don't want a bunch of no faces to tell their elected leaders how to run the country of the people they elected. If Trump fails to deliver in the next four years - you and everyone on the forum can say - "You're Fired!" I wish him and this administration well, regardless of their past. If they do their job, America prospers. Lastly, why do your write posts with English spellings? Best to you Sean. Congratulations on those twins. Spoil 'em rotten, Uncle Sean. Rock On!
  6. These were fantastic movies!!! EPIC! Now why is #3 not worthy? We didn't watch that one yet. But after the first two, why not Part 3? So many questions. Yes, I remember the Zootopia polar bearz. I stand corrected. OK, now. Why not Part III?
  7. Ok, Jonesy calling Strider a snowflake and pull up the mama jeans, etc... To the best of my ability, bear with me. I'm a newbie at interpretations. To summarize a snowflake: The screaming Protestor has a hard time not getting their way. They usually calls themselves "progressives" but they are observed to throws tantrums and use profanity and arrogance when others disagree them. An overly sensitive person, incapable of dealing with any opinions that differ from their own. has a hard time not getting their way. They usually calls themselves "progressives" but they are observed to throws tantrums and use profanity and arrogance when others disagree them. but don't judge themselves under the same criteria. Snowflake An overly sensitive person, incapable of dealing with any opinions that differ from their own. These people can often be seen congregating in "safe zones" on college campuses. An overly sensitive whiny person who makes a scene when she doesn't get his/her way and blames everyone but his/herself. An entitled millenial SJW-tard who runs to her "safe space" to play with stress toys and coloring books when she gets "triggered" by various inocuous "microsaggressions". An overprivileged individual who has a hard time not getting their way. They usually calls themselves "progressives" but they are observed to throws tantrums and use profanity and arrogance when others disagree them. They accuse others of racism or intolerance
  8. Ok. It's about time, anyway. Sandy and I will watch Pt 1and 2 this weekend. Together? Ok. Both parts today. Deal. Zootopia? Oh, I didn't know that. We watched Zootopia too.
  9. Andy's thread? An "Impeach Bumbles" thread? Sorry, but I didn't know that one. If I did, I would have posted. I don't wish Bumbles to be impeached. I'd rather he be hung by his Peace Prize necklace, or just realize that he has become impotent. Bye Bye Urkel. You're not relevant anymore. Ahh. You caught me. That tweet wasn't by Bumbles. Chewie confiscated his Twitter box while he was sleeping.
  10. You know, you are one person who can make politics into something non-controversial..inspire hope & unity. I'd vote for you if you ran for office. You have a gift. When you say something it makes sense. It's honest. It's about unity between brothers/sisters of our country. Thanks for another beautiful post, Ddladner. God bless you, your good family, and America.
  11. This blue-eyed babe with huge
  12. I've still NEVER seen the Godfather. I'm going to catch crap for that. If you were talking the Baltimore Colts, sure. I don't support the Ravens. I drove by the stadium today. It was lit in purple. I hate purple! I do like Steve Smith #89 Sr. But that's all. I neither have nor want cable. I haven't seen a single NFL game this year; although I won the NFl pool at work. It's no fun winning all the time. The NFL this year... it's no wonder the ratings are down. I crapped it out when Crappernick made a show out of crapping on our National Anthem. Football is football! Why bring political or racial crap into football? I love football. You know I do, Sean! But I would watch football to escape from the political crap. I don't watch it to see someone bring a statement into it, that's irrelevant of the sport. Then O'Bumbles has to make a statement on it. Gimme a break. I'm happy to read books rather than to watch news. And if the NFl gets political then phooey on it too. Could care less.
  13. How's it going Res? It must be boring to you. I'd be happy with boring, no bombing and crap. You live in Dutch. I'd be happy if my country lived in Dutch and just took care of itself. Stay out of world affairs, protected itself from those that hate it's ways. But the beauty of the Random Thoughts thread is that it is what it is. Why not let people express what's going on in their minds. It helps. It leads to conflicts, but it always works itself out, so long as people are open-minded. It's venting. Ya know? Hotplant IMO was a visionary. I don't wish harm or ill-will on anyone here. I like the fact that people on the lzforum can express their Random Thoughts. It's all good. No one is out to hurt anyone else. I sure don't want to. This used to be, and is still the most popular thread on the forum. I wish the best to you and those you care for, Res.
  14. I am neutral. I stated on several occasions that I voted for Bubba over Bush, Sr. I was glad to see the GOP get humbled. You have corruption in both the major parties. I'm not even an Independent. I'm unaffiliated. Hollywood black-lists actors that do not fit the democratic mold or promote to vote GOP. Hollywood is supposed to be representative of all people in the US, regardless. They are not. They are owned. You're right, division has always been there, but the president shouldn't use that to further divide the country. In the past 8 years it, people have gotten more divided, not just by race, but by political party affiliation, as well as religious or ideological affiliation.
  15. Barack Obama, in a tweet that said: "Countries bombed: Obama 7, Bush 4." At the time, the U.S. on Obama’s watch had bombed Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Syria. How many ledzeppelin forum fans enjoy murderers? You say you'll miss him. "I'm really good at killing people " - B. Hussein Obama So you, are like Communists and murderers?! Sorry, but I am an American. I love my country. I don't commit murder. Has anyone anything negative to say about me? I don't support murders or Communists. I stand against Obama. I think he should be hung by his own Nobel Peace Prize necklace/medal. I'm sorry to the liberals, but as a non-affiliate., I love my country. I am anti-Commmunist, and anti 20 Trillion dollars in debt. At the time Bumbles took over we were 9 trillion dollars in debt. Hypocrite` Welcome to 20 Trillion dollars debt.