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  1. australian fans

    Not posted in this thread before. I was born a Pom but have lived in Perth with my Melbournian wife for the last 9 years. I’m now an Aussie citizen and my two boys are Aussies. Best country in the world. I’m off to see the Led Zeppelin Experience at the Charles Hotel 18th Nov. Even better my Mum and Dad arrive for a month over from England the day before. So I get to go with my Dad and drink beer. Woohoo
  2. G'day everyone. Just been on a particular website (cough BB ahem)....and there are posts in there for a soundboard source for this gig. The name of the boot is 929. The website says it's a lighthouse label but further digging suggests it is a Wendy. It's not the ful concert. About two thirds of it. I've had a listen and it seems a lot better quality than my version of the gig (I have the Winston version). I know there is a lot of conjecture about whether the existing sources are a sbd/stage mic whatever....but to me, this sounds like a genuine sbd. But then again, I'm no expert. Can anyone confirm if this is a new source?
  3. New Soundboard Source for Osaka '71??

    Pm on it’s way George
  4. New Soundboard Source for Osaka '71??

    I’d like to hear it. Does our friend have it?
  5. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    Completely agree with you, and it gets slagged off so much by so many
  6. Coverdale/Page

    He lacks subtlety. Totally over the top. Just my opinion. If you like him, good for you. Totally respect that
  7. Coverdale/Page

    Beg to differ. Sounds friggin awful
  8. Have you ever seen the original Led Zeppelin live?

    I was 5. So yeah, never seen ‘em. Saw Page and Plant in 1998 though in Manchester, England.
  9. You’ll have to share a copy with me mate
  10. Favorite Song off of Physical Graffiti

    That’s my funeral song mate. Best song ever written in my view
  11. Best Page & Plant boot

    Hi mate, i have just got Liriodendron's matrix of 13/2/96. If you can point me in the direction of the others, or even PM me with a link to a file i'd really appreciate it.....especially the show with the acoustic version of the RS that would be awesome. Just heard Tea for One from 13/2/96. Mesmerising
  12. Best Page & Plant boot

    Fucking hell, that smokes. Still prefer Cologne though
  13. Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    Yep. Prince Edward is another one
  14. Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    He's an absolute wanker. I cannot stand the guy
  15. Best Page & Plant boot

    Thanks mate I'll have a listen
  16. Best Page & Plant boot

    You think that's good, check out the NQ from Rockapalast Bizarre festival in Cologne. It is amazing. One of jimmys best ever performances
  17. Random Thoughts v.3

    Same here mate (Australia). The police have guns, and so they should. But that's it
  18. Listen To This Eddie- Beauty & The Beast

    Think it's Lighthouse. Right gang of twats
  19. What's your favorite live Trampled Underfoot?

    I think it's Westwood One broadcast mate - Zurich '80

    Yeah you're right....he has to be seen to be playing.....
  21. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    London water is the worst water ever. Disgusting!!! Liverpool is way better - straight from the Welsh hills
  22. Which Zep 'Epic' Is Your Favorite.

    Out of those above I've selected Kashmir, but my own view is Ten Years Gone
  23. Baton Rouge 2/28/75

    Just curious....apart from the crappy matrix mentioned by Nutrocker, does anyone know if a decent matrix has been released? Kashmir is terrific from this show
  24. Page's best live solo

    Great choice. Close but no cigar. I go for Thankyou from Orlando 71.
  25. Boots of P and P touring in the 90's

    Could not agree more with this. For those of you who haven't yet heard No Quarter from 30/3/98 check it out. It is absolutely outstanding. Jimmys playing is just breathtaking