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  1. Xolo1974

    Future Page Releases?

    Talk about flogging a horse that died, spent some time in the afterlife, was reincarnated and died again........
  2. Xolo1974

    Is Jimmy Page done making music?

    Respectfully disagree. Great with the Crowes. Awesome playing in ‘98 in particular. I was too young to see him in ‘88 but by all accounts he was pretty fluid. In terms of current or future music, he’s definitely done. Fair enough I say. He’s in his 70’s for God’s sake. His back catalogue gives me so much happiness. That’s more than I could ever ask for
  3. Yeah but this led wallet page we’re talking about mate
  4. I reckon the announcement will be September for a Christmas release
  5. Thanks buddy it's awesome. Anyone have 'Friends' from this show? would love a link
  6. Xolo1974

    Zeppelin's most exotic song

  7. Xolo1974


    Yep I was thinking Christmas myself. But you would imagine a lead time of 2-3 months before for the announcement....to whet the appetite. So I reckon that will come around September
  8. Xolo1974


    Do we have any sort of indication as to when an announcement will be made on what we can expect to be released for the anniversary?
  9. Xolo1974

    Can you list your top 10 LZ songs, in no particular order?

    Ten Years Gone Tangerine That’s the Way In the Light Kashmir Dazed and Confused How Many More Times Stairway to Heaven No Quarter When the Levee Breaks
  10. Xolo1974

    Next Soundboard Release

    All - so what do we reckon? When will the next one come out.....and what will it be? cheers
  11. Xolo1974

    Next Soundboard Release

    Thanks buddy much appreciated
  12. Ok, I was born in December ‘74. So I don’t have the spectrum that many do on this forum. I reckon it’s an interesting topic though. Surprisingly enough, my number one gig was only a few weeks ago. Didn’t think I’d be saying that at the age of 43. 1. Roger Waters - Perth 2018. 2. AC/DC - Donington 1991. As a 16 year old, great show. Opening song - Thunderstruck 3. Roger Waters (The Wall) - Perth 2012. 4. Gomez - Melbourne 2002. 5. The Black Crowes - The Royal Court, Liverpool, England (1991 or 1992 I cant remember it was after their first album). 6. Pearl Jam - Perth 2009 - The year I emigrated, waited years to see them. Great show. 7. Buddy Guy - Fremantle Blues and Roots festival 2012. Best guitarist I’ve ever seen live. By a country mile 8. Roger Waters - Bangkok, 2002 (during a 9 month backpacking trip to SE Asia and Australia - where I met Mrs Burbridge - the Aussie). 9. Gary Moore - Liverpool Royal Court 2000. Great show. Very modest and humble man. Brilliant guitarist. 10. Metallica - Donington 1991. Not a massive fan, but they blew me away. One week after the release of the Black album. Sadly, Page and Plant 1998 in Manchester UK do not make the cut. Terrible acoustics at the Manchester Evening Arena. An off night for JP as well. Worst gig - there’s been some shockers - The Stones (Steel Wheels tour in Manchester UK in 1991 - they were shite....basically, just too old, sterile, a parody of themselves), U2 in Manchester in the Vertigo tour (I was expecting them to be shite and they didn’t disappoint - went as a favour to a mate). But the wooden spoon goes to Guns N Roses in Manchester in 1993. Absolute Crap. After having the midweek gig cancelled and rescheduled to the Sunday, they came on stage 2.5 hours late and played 1 hour 20 minutes at a stadium gig. Nearly incited a riot. When the crowd were less than impressed “hey fuck you” was all Slash had to say. Nobhead. Got the brains of a fuckin rocking horse.
  13. Xolo1974

    How about an acoustic reunion?

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head mate
  14. I have to say that it is quite tiresome. Have to question the motivation - somebody way back suggested that Gibson’s review of Seattle 75 was flawed. And now we get this. Just enjoy the music!
  15. Xolo1974

    Next Soundboard Release

    Thanks mate
  16. Xolo1974

    Next Soundboard Release

    I didn’t realise there were soundboards for these dates. What’s the track listing?
  17. The songs are great live. I think the album suffers from poor production
  18. Xolo1974

    Official release candidate

    Agree. As Long As I Have You is blistering. Texas Pop Festival is my favourite from that year though
  19. Call out to zephead again my friend. I would love a link
  20. Xolo1974

    Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    Agreed. Fantastic playing, particularly in 98
  21. Xolo1974


    We have to be careful. If they get an early goal it’s game on
  22. Xolo1974


    Yes! Love it