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  1. Copenhagen 24.07.79 Oh yes!!

    Agreed. It’s my go to for this show
  2. Next Soundboard Release

    All - so what do we reckon? When will the next one come out.....and what will it be? cheers
  3. best version of earls court 25.5.75

    I’ve just listened to Keep Taking the Pills and have enjoyed this show like never before. No Quarter is great - I was really into it and then towards the end the audience source kicks in - D’oh’.......
  4. Best matrices aside from Four Blocks in the Snow?

    Disagree mate. I reckon the 77 boards are beyond repair. They’re terrible. The Millard recording is great as it is. It won’t be improved
  5. Best matrices aside from Four Blocks in the Snow?

    That is quality
  6. football

    Yep I reckon we’ll finish runners up, above United
  7. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    I think it points to one of two scenarios; 1) EV are crapping themselves that their soundboards will be rendered worthless by a HTEWW release; or: 2) It is a teaser fed to them by JP for a HTEWW release. Either way, we win. In actual fact, knowing Jimmys habit of cutting stuff out of gigs on official releases, the SBD probably will maintain its value to us diehards. But as Duckman states above, it will probably be on only 90-120 minutes.
  8. How about an acoustic reunion?

    Yeah that’s right. It was fraudulent misrepresentation and the organisers had to offer refunds to the attendees.
  9. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    No idea mate. You know far more about this stuff than I do. So you reckon Page is behind this release?
  10. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    So you’re saying that a sbd will help him sort out issues with the multitrack? This is like a foreign language to me! But I’m assuming that he doesn’t have the sbd....as it is in the possession of Empress Valley?
  11. Just got tickets to see Roger Waters a week on Tuesday in Perth Australia. Can’t wait. $95 AUD. That’s $35 cheaper than Jason Bonham wants to see his copy band. Anyone seen any of Roger’s shows in the States? Was he any good? This is the 4th or 5th time I would have seen him and he’s always put on a good show. Gotta be honest though - not a huge fan of the new album.
  12. Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    Me (Neil) and the family - wife (Toni), sons James (7) and Zachary (5)
  13. Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    Looks like the Stones have a new career. Bear with it until Joe Pesci’s entrance at 8m 30 secs. Absolute classic
  14. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    It sounds terrific, better than any of the other 71 soundboards I reckon. The good thing is - this has to come out in the next six months before Jimmy announces what is coming later in the year. They are obviously crapping their pants that he will gazump them with a how the east was won release. If this does indeed come out, I’ll be happy to never get another Zep bootleg again. I’ve never bought a bootleg before, but I might this time. i think Duckman has said before that most of the 71 boards have only two thirds of the gig (something to do with reel time). I hope they have the full gig
  15. Beautiful Women

    Classy lady
  16. Nitpicking Page on 3/21/75

    He was absolutely incredible in 98. I do actually think he was as good. Not as fast. But the emotion and feeling in his playing.....wow! Check out NQ from Cologne 98.
  17. Errrrr....’SuperDave’ gives Dave Lewis a wonderful write up. Forgive me for asking, but are you.............?
  18. Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    Me for starters
  19. Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    Well bloody said Strider. I don’t think that can be topped. I also don’t recollect many punk bands playing at Live Aid in the mid 80’s. This merely demonstrates their lack of longevity and absence of a lasting appeal. “Dinosaur Rock” on the other hand! As a 10 year old kid, I remember the eagerly awaited performances of the Who, Queen, Page/Plant/Jones etc. Their popularity never died and hasn’t since
  20. Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    I just can’t listen to anything from the post Mick Taylor era in the Stones. Taylor was brilliant, and the albums and live music at that time were terrific.
  21. Can someone please explain what Winston did? Is it just a remaster of the original bootleg?
  22. Hahaha you bloody clown 🤡

    I’m planning on coming back to Liverpool next year to catch up with everyone. We should meet for a beer. Don’t think I’ve told you I used to live in urmston. Will send you a pm

    Are you sure? I thought you liked London
  25. Famous Shows On New Vinyl

    How much did you pay?