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  1. I would say Friends/Celebration day are psychedelic. I don't think anything on the first album fits that the description. The themes are pretty straight forward.
  2. Your probably right, I mean that does make the remaining members of The Who callous. I imagine just quitting in the middle of a tour, there has to be repercussions on some level. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.
  3. I believe Pete simply stated that to pull out of the tour would be a complete disaster for everyone involved so it was a business decision I guess to try to do the right thing for the majority. Read Pete's autobiography and it gets ridiculous how many times the band was supposed to end but Pete finds himself being dragged back in. He really despises The Who at points.
  4. I tend to think of musicians who are as talented as Jones are there because they love playing music. Of course he probably loved the money, (who wouldn't) but fame is not something he was really comfortable with or really after. Just my speculation. Call him underrated and he could care less. The dude is essential to Zeppelin and the band would have been completely something else without him.
  5. That pick would be gone already if the tell all was part of the deal!!!
  6. The Beatles were not a boy band. Boy Bands do not write their own music, play instruments. Before they become huge The Beatles would do 8 hour sets. Just cause they wore matching suits and happened to appeal to young females does not make them a boy band. Boy bands hardly last 3 years, and they have no legacy. Every week there is a new book about the Beatles, (what more can be said at this point?). I think Zeppelin gets a few books a year and that is still awesome. As for the early material, I don't understand the slogging. What band's of that era trumped what the Beatles were doing in the pop realm?
  7. Couldn't we surmise Zeppelin was a jam Band essentially? They tried to do what jam bands do and take the audience somewhere else sometimes hitting and sometimes missing? Never trying to replicate what's on record. I kind of dig that because if I want to hear an exact copy of the record and I can stay home and listen to the record. A unique performance can only happen once.
  8. I think its a hard question. The bands influenced by Zeppelin seemed to be influenced by one aspect of the band, the bombastic heavy side. While Zeppelin itself was pretty diverse in its output. I think that is the magic that cannot be captured and copied. Alright I would say Heart at least did the heavy and the acoustic pretty well for a band influenced by Zeppelin.
  9. Holy Shit!!! Is that Jimmy actually reaching out to the audience? I just never imagined he did stuff like that. I guess in those days it was possible because the distance between him and audience was not tremendous.
  10. I do think it was the right time. Would there have been a push and pull between the band members, (checks and balances) or would Robert have tried to dominate in lieu of a solo career? I would hate to think Zeppelin would merely be Robert's backing band.
  11. Code on label: Side one: ST-A-712285 SP Side two: ST-A-712286 SP
  12. Okay I will start things off: White dust sleeve SIDE 1 PORKY ST-A-71-2285-C AT/9P SIDE 2 PECKO DUCK ST-A-7122860 AT13P To the best of my ability...
  13. I have had many copies of this album on vinyl throughout my life and I always wonder why sometimes I get a brown dust sleeve and sometimes white? (I prefer the white) Brown or white sleeve on the first pressings and which is more common? Also is the recent vinyl reissue dust sleeve brown on white?
  14. Sounds like a guy who is drunk/high in the moment who is disillusioned with life and has a fantasy that California is the promised land (irrationally). If he could just make it there. But he never even makes the effort. Maybe even an old man looking back at his broken life? Or perhaps the man is dying and California is an analogy for Heaven? I know Zep referenced Lord of the Rings at times and I think this has that kind of theme to it. Specifically the Hobbit. A great adventure awaits. Of course Bilbo was reluctant and this song is overlaid with jet planes to bring it to a more modern world.
  15. Jimmy should have just joined the Crowes. They should have written together. I would love to hear the results. They seemed like a perfect fit for him.