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  1. Paganini

    I Really Miss Ronnie James DIO...

    Holy Diver -one of my favourite ever metal albums -excellent stuff !
  2. Paganini

    Beautiful Women

    Oh yeah..give me her and some of Jimmy’s marching powered and I’m good to go !
  3. Paganini

    Beautiful Women

    Oh yeah !
  4. Paganini

    New Peter Grant Book

    Yep things have really changed -and not for the better-in that part of London. When I’m feeling particularly nostalgic for the London of the late 1960s I dust down my copy of Blow Up to remind me how it must have been way back when...__
  5. Paganini

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    Love this pic ..,I think Jimmy should have gone with an all red Les Paul -really suits the look!
  6. Dazed & Confused from MSG-I first listened to this in the dark on headphones and was totally awe struck at the part just at the end of the bow solo where Jimmy thrashes the fuck out of it.I was convinced he was summoning some kind of demon - totally freaked me out !
  7. Paganini

    Favorite Song off of Physical Graffiti

    1The Rover 2 In the Light 3 Ten Years Gone 4 Bron Y Aur —and I can play it !
  8. Paganini

    best album?

    Physical Graffiti has everything-easily their best work, followed closely by Houses of The Holy and then Presence. PS I know I’ll get shot down in flames for this but my least favourite album is 1V, never really liked the production -way too muddy sounding for my ears.
  9. Paganini

    Tea For One

    It’s a fabulous and underrated track, anyone who hates it is not a Zeppelin fan IMO.
  10. Paganini

    Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    No doubt this has been posted before —the Master watching the apprentice —have to love this. Jimmy asking for alcohol free beer, how things have changed -I can imagine Richard Cole’s reaction to that request !
  11. Shit-what an amazing display, I’m off for a look .....
  12. Paganini

    How The West Was Won Vs The Song Remains The Same OST

    Since they are now both remastered I have spent a while listening to them and I reckon HTWWW is slightly edging it. What swings it for me is Plant’s voice -especially on OTHAFA-absolutely at his best. Jimmy is marginally better on some tracks on TSRTS -notably DAC- but there’s not much in it.The 72 Tour was for me the very peak of Zep and this show was as good as it got. Such a shame we will never get a complete visual performance from this period that hasn’t been edited to hell.
  13. Paganini

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    Only just spotted your retort here ...presumably you’ve recovered since ?
  14. Excellent choice -has to be in top ten Zep gigs