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  2. To the other members here: Sorry for getting off track and making this useless and ugly conversation. Lesson learned. I will never mess with an idiot again.
  3. Cash grab for VV, since he’s made first public appearances for $$$$ in Atlanta, etc (riding coattails of Gene’s box set last year, appearing on pre-kiss cruise launch party last October & Kiss’ 2nd farewell tour) after being a recluse for the past 20 something years. R😎
  4. By today, you are in my ignore list. I hope the moderators will realize you have two accounts. End of the conversation.
  5. Today
  6. Billy Joel covers a couple of Led Zeppelin songs last night in Philadelphia. Jason Bonham joins on drums:
  7. 'Digging Deep, The Robert Plant Podcast' will launch on 3rd June, available on iTunes, Spotify, Acast, YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts: https://lnk.to/RPDiggingDeep Robert Plant’s music is the result of a lifetime striding around the globe, from The Midlands to Morocco, from Nashville to North Wales, and the influences and friends collected along the way can be heard in his songs. Matt Everitt joins Robert as they delve into his back catalogue to revisit a track from this remarkable history.
  8. And in that one photo, it is demonstrated why Plant could never tour with JP and JPJ as “Led Zeppelin” again. Fair enough as far as I’m concerned.
  9. Indeed.A great throwback (Carry Fire) to Nigel Kennedy’s violin contribution on ‘Calling to you’.
  10. Just got back from seeing Bad Company at the Talking Stick Resort. Imo Paul Rodgers' voice is still absolutely great as ever. Loved the second song being 'Rock & Roll Fantasy' that they played. Simon Kirk took the spotlight at one point to sing a song and playing acoustically and played acoustic guitar and sang a song, Guitarist Howard Leese also took the spotlight for 'All Along the Watchtower'. At one point Paul Rodgers brought up Jimmy Page/The Firm and for the first time ever they played 'Satisfaction Guarantee' and that was really cool.
  11. 1 tin of CP's is about 240g drained weight. Of course you don't have to use a can. Fresh, cooked are just as good.
  12. I usually stick with Montreux 3-7-70 & Vancouver 3-21-70 for the sound quality, but LA 3-27-70 is enjoyable.
  13. Caring means spending money, not writing a few sentences. Not sure about a “cash grab” since he cancelled his small club dates. W😎
  14. Not a huge fan of their 77’ tour, but this is probably one I will definitely listen to again and again...
  15. So if they do indeed release a partial SB to begin with (a song or two) and reserve the rest for future releases - does this indicate a new pattern we can expect from now on? Any new releases will be chopped up and drip fed out? Gawd I hope not......
  16. Funny, I was also looking for single female Zep fans. I want a buddy who will go to concerts with me here in the Bay area! I left my rock n' roll buds back in New York! Surely there must be someone....actually you could be married, who cares. Just not a guy, because I don't want that nasty sex business to rear its ugly head. I am serious.
  17. Dick head listen up. they deleted the thread, you are overwhelmingly stupid for criticism on people who didn’t care about Bootlegs of a concert. Do you think I really care what others in this forum think about my opinions about a Led Zeppelin bootleg or Led Zeppelin concert I am just stating facts that many many people told me about that show it was all the hype lacking substance there of course there were some great shows that were magically captured on bootleg but of it now so who cares if I Pointed out many people who saw Led Zeppelin in 77 have said.
  18. ...and I loved the show at MSG so much that I am now seeing them tomorrow in Philly. If it is their last tour, I want to see them in the city where I normally see most of my shows. It'll be the first time in 13 years seeing them here. I wonder if playing in a stadium will alter their stage presentation at all.
  19. BledZabbath


    I’ve been drinking Guinness Stout Draught.
  20. Got me Permanent Waves and Roll The Bones, I like Permanent Waves, still have to listen to Roll The Bones.
  21. Thank you England for Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.
  22. Yesterday
  23. You are the troll here. Yesterday you said you were stoned on marijuana. The thread was magically deleted. Keep in mind I am not the only member I realized what game you play. Some other members here agree with the fact you are just trolling and talking shit, trying to cause major fuss. Don't try to hide. You need help, not me. On the deleted thread, I clarified my position by summing up all your controversional, self-canceling posts. On that thread, I also asked sorry from JohnOsbourne for overreacting on his opinion. You came with a stupid marijuana statement and the thread was deleted. STOP TROLLING.
  24. Before the 80s and political correctness in Britain casual racism was the norm. It certainly didn't mean you supported oppression. As a consequence people could say and do pretty much anything outside violence and get away with it. Dressing as a Nazi was seen as a joke and not given a second thought. I often wondered if Jimmy got the Nazi gear from his mate Chris Farlowe who dealt in Nazi memorabilia for a living.
  25. I've seen the Goetia on eBay but never the Hickey book. Wonder how many of each they made. Very interesting description of the shop here https://credencedawg.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/my-first-occult-bookshop/?fbclid=IwAR3_Gj6TMkOdlU1RIwGXcz5ikj8vZRo5fvxJKc7lm0XO86N-Y15QwcVFW2Y
  26. kipper

    Thanks England

    Thank you England for convincing us that we didn't need to be your servants.
  27. Barry Williams admitted to having a crush on Florence Henderson but that was about it. Shirley Jones was a bit of free spirit in her day, but I don't think she had an affair with her step son.
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