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    just trying to figure out who I really am and sharing that with the world
  1. frig: rice dream, chocolate soy "beverage", blueberry juice, veggies in various states of freshness/decomposition, left over pasta from two nights ago, feta, asiago, reggiano, bread, cream cheese, soy creamer, several salad dressings, brags, mustard,etc.., curry paste, coconut milk, strawberries, butter, jams, cashew butter, and a few things I'm not sure of dry: nine grain cereal, flours, blue corn meal, oats, dried beans, olive oil x2, maple syrup, cocoa, teas, coffee, croutons, corn chips, crackers, pastas, a bunch of spices on the counter: some black bananas, oranges, two apples, two avocados, cinnamon sugar (home mixed), and a bowl of tamari almonds
  2. karuna

    The Rumi thread

    If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?
  3. karuna

    The Rumi thread

    but come! Take a pick-axe and break apart your stony self the heart's matrix is glutted with rubies springs of laughter are buried in your breast unstop the wine jar, batter down the door to the treasury of nonexistence the water in your jug is brackish and low smash the jug and come to the river!
  4. karuna

    The Rumi thread

    Thank you I've ordered it at the local record shop (I guess I just dated myself LoL)
  5. Boy, you weren't kidding. Why on earth was the audience subjecting themselves to that? And here I thought nothing could sink lower than "The Ramones"
  6. I'm listening to the wind and the birds and the hum of my antiquated PC
  7. I totally agree "Ally" the majority of Americans feel their tax money is wasted on the very things they oppose. Insuring the proper disbursement of tax dollars is of highest priority in this country. The lobbyists in D.C. have incredible budgets and far to much influence representing the few at the expense of the many-this fact is considerably problematic and will require something quite drastic to alter. The struggle for universal healthcare will no doubt be as difficult as any other civil rights (an many do consider it a civil rights issue) struggle of the past with many untold sacrifices by the few brave souls yet to be realized. If you could elaborate more on how private practice doctors are standing in the way I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  8. Just wanted to say first that your thoughtful reply is greatly appreciated. As stated in "information theory" only the difference that makes a difference becomes information. This applies to many differing levels of interpretation. For example at the level of the neuron only a certain minimal stimuli will activate an action potential and fire the individual neural cell. Likewise at the level of awareness only items we attend to become relevant to consciousness (attention being a major subject of inquire itself) and have consequences. Though we have certain biological filters "pre-wired" (I dislike computer metaphors for the brain!) everything most definitely is further filtered through cultural conditioning (the Inuit have 100's of names for snow and its subtle differences-skiers have a few-but for most it's just snow). I think you and I are saying the same thing which perhaps boils down to this-we are forever barred from knowledge of the thing itself (Emanuel Kant's "ding an sich") do to the nature of perception. Given that state of affairs how could one ever know the universe "itself" or whether or not our thoughts manifest in it. Our realities as we experience them are products(their meanings conditioned by learning) arising from within ourselves where the goal is to survive our mostly rock and fire world and pass on our genes. I wonder if stories such as Aladdin's lamp as well as all poetry and literature serve to attempt to reconcile the unknowable with the knowable. But like the zen finger that can point to but does not stand for the goal one needs caution not to confuse the "map for the territory". A trap I forever entangled in. With that said the "idea" that we could influence outcomes demands much consideration and intrigues me no end. How does one lift the veil of perception? Will its lifting result in our living better lives? And what exactly constitutes a better life? What should be the criteria? Aladdin for me is a springboard, a symbol in two dimensions suggesting something perhaps multi-dimensional. "I have got a horsey", my question remains unanswered and forever open so please continue to post your thoughts.
  9. sunny, warm, and with a slight breeze-the garden's gonna love it
  10. Try checking with the administrator (admin) who has helped me plenty as I'm all thumbs near any computer . You can PM from your controls. Hope that helped.
  11. karuna

    The Rumi thread

    I like that album lots but I was thinking of something of middle eastern origin perhaps. Something soft with tabla drums and moody. I will try your suggestion tonite however. Thanks
  12. "The War" filmed by Ken Burns for PBS was incredible and allowed me a glimpse into my father's experiences in the pacific during WWII which he never spoke about.
  13. karuna

    The Rumi thread

    Mine too! Your avatar just kills me LoL (I grew up with a full cadaver skeleton in the home-all joints wired and articulating-which I made good use of to scare my younger brothers any chance I could).
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