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  1. I voted Achilles Last Stand for it sheer energy and power of the guitar solos that blow me away each time I listen to it. I also love Battle of Evermore which isn't on the list.
  2. 1. Physical Grafitti 2. Led Zeppelin IV 3. Led Zeppelin III
  3. The UK - rural Staffordshire. Not the coolest place, but the counrtyside is beautiful
  4. I originally voted for Kashmir, but then, on reflection, changed my vote to Achilles Last Stand. The reason why: If you listen to Achilles Last Stand with your eyes closed and it is like standing in the presence of God.
  5. I know how hard it must be for you to part with it and how I wish I had some spare cash to buy it! Good luck with the sale and please let us know how much it sells for.
  6. I was also lucky enough to see Page and Plant live in 1996 in Sheffield in the UK and they were amazing (I am too young to have seen Led Zepp in the '70s). I have seen the Stones live twice and while they are great showmen they were nothing compared to Page/Plant in terms of the quality of the sound that they produced live. Unfortunately I was not as lucky as you were to have a close encounter with Page and Plant, but if I did I would probably have said something like, especially to Jimmy Page, 'you are musical geniuses', 'your music has transformed my life' or something to that effect just to
  7. In an episode of the TV show Lost (not sure which episode or season but can find out as I have them all on DVD!) the character Hurley is walking through a record store with his best friend who is wearing a Led Zeppelin T.shirt. I love this show and think it's a really cool reference. Someone may have already mentioned this one since I haven't read through the entire thread! Also for those of you in the UK and Australia, the Aussie soap Neighbours has a character called Declan who wears a Led Zeppelin T.shirt in an episode. Also in another episode the doctor Karl Kennedy mentions John Bonham
  8. I have been listening to Led Zeppelin since 1991 when a friend recorded me a tape of their Remasters album, and I was hooked. I'm 30, so I have been listening to them for most of my adult life. I have all their albums on my MP3 player, as well as other music, but it's Zep that I always choose to listen to. I listen to them at least twice a week. Listening to their music is like an addiction, I never tire of it. I think I will still be listening to them when I am sat in a retirement home!
  9. I'm 30 so unfortunately I'm not old enough to have seen Zep in their heyday, but I did see the Page/Plant concert in Sheffield in the mid-90s. They were amazing and it was the next best thing to seeing the original band in the 1970s.
  10. In My Time of Dying - the greatest rock track ever. I hear something new everytime I listen to it.
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