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  1. Gone into retirement now due to a few minor health issues, so now a lady of leisure.(I use the term Lady loosely lol)
  2. Cheers chillumpuffer, number 26 comes along in November lol
  3. Just been made a Great Auntie for the 25th time.so proud of my Niece enduring 50+ hours of Labour, to produce a Beautiful 6lb Baby Girl x
  4. Sugar does not cause Diabetes. Nothing you do can prevent type 1 Diabetes,type 2 on the other hand can be prevented/managed by maintaining a health weight and exercise
  5. Sad to see poor Debbie Reynolds in Hospital, suspected stroke....
  6. Richard Adams...watership Down Author....r.I.p
  7. Apology accepted Kiwi x I understand that people get carried away with themselves and press that button without thinking, I'm married to a Keyboard Warrior. Weather in Swadlincote this morning light ground frost and chilly
  8. I'm doing well thanks Walter, Be glad when the Summer gets her though my poor old bones hate this damp cold weather. Never speak to Knebby, Big Dan did at one time but not recently. Hope all is well with you
  9. Trouble is they are everywhere !!!!!
  10. I Shudder to think what SHITE the next Keyboard Warrior will spout about!!!
  11. Maybe you two should keep your Insults of a Grand Lady to yourselves or by pm. She is neither a wind bag or a sponger. Try reading up on Crown Estates.
  12. Yet another Great Comedian Victoria Wood, aged 62 R.I.P
  13. Never a Dull moment with you around, best laugh I've had in a while.... l recall a time whilst fruit picking my sister and I, after having a few evening drinks, to light a camp fire with the aid of a pint of Petrol. The end result was we both suffered with singed hair..... How I miss those days..
  14. That's what happens Jules when everybody has to play nice....Lol
  15. R.I.P. Maurice White (earth, wind,&fire)
  16. I would always go with Half Full....
  17. Ally, Slave, Strider, Kiwi, Kev.....aka Anjin Sama...... Thank you for your warmth for this Old See Dog, lol, I miss you all to, but this door is forever shut to me as you all know? unless somehow Sam will relent and ask me to return, and after giving this some time and thought, not right away you understand, I might (would) say yes, just to alleviate his regret at excomunication his most enigmatic poet and blogger, even if it is only me that says so, lol...... Again thank you all, may we all meat somewhere and at sometime in the afterlife, forever your devoted savant, BD.....
  18. Kiwi it is Both a Fruit and a Veg...lol The answer to the question is that a tomato is technically the fruit of the tomato plant, but it's used as a vegetable in cooking....
  19. ahhhhh how sweet Sean..... BD Redeemed himself today He went out and Bought me an Eternity ring....He is no longer in the 'DOG HOUSE' lol
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