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  1. i said some things in this forum before that i meant to be tongue in cheek and outrageous for comedic effect. they latter bothered me because they may have hurt peoples feelings. i was not trying to be malicious.
  2. he's just doing what he's doing . no need to read into it.
  3. it's harder today. you have to be a better musician today to keep up with what came before you. many of the melodies , chord progressions , song themes, styles and such that come naturally to pattern when you compose have been used up by other people. (as far as a strait ahead rock song goes) if people want to keep fresh they are going to have to do as zep did. they are going to have to incorporate other music from other cultures into their style. not everyone likes that type of music . if you just love rock n roll and your palette is not colorful it wont work for you. you have to be creative and repackage already used ideas and put your own twist on them. that being said. there's always been a handful of bands that stand out in their era to become legends in the next. they are surrounded by a thousand other bands trying to emulate it generically. record companies do not like taking risks. they see something that works, and go with it and anything remotely resembling it. when it becomes stagnant the underground is waiting for you to discover it.
  4. it's also saving lives in the short term . the main reason they allow nitrates is to prevent botulism. if you think that's outrageous. wait till they agree to ban otc vitamin supplements and herbal stuff. that could be coming next.
  5. yep, bob can kick some butt . even his more radio oriented slower stuff is at least well written and heartfelt. he said he got into writing that stuff because he found it hard to write rock songs and say all the things he wanted to say in fewer more direct lines. stynx had a handful of "ok" songs, but quickly got lured into peddling horrid sappy radio friendly stuff (just for the money, obviously). i seen tull mentioned earlier. they have enough good songs to make 2 or 3 great albums. the problem for tull has always been that they spread them out over 20 + releases.
  6. people seem to believe so.. i remember once at a pool hall when i was a kid. there was these giant speakers mounted on the wall. with a local radio station blaring through them. a zep song came on. this woman turns to me and goes " oh you like that? "yeah" "it's all about the hobbit! they wrote everything based on the hobbit!!" "ummm ok sure" "well they're still ok, but they wrote all their songs about the hobbit. they ripped off the hobbit!!, the hobbit!!!" "whatever"
  7. i was surprised to see no one stick up for bob seger. though he should probably throw half his discography into a fire lake. he's still a legend and put out some great stuff earlier in his career. bands i hate. i am really hating newer stuff. it's not so much the band's fault themselves in every case. it's the production that is sickening. this squashed noisy monotonous sound. no instraments have tone or breathing space anymore. it sucks too that a lot of older music is being remastered to achieve a similar effect to stay in line with today's market.
  8. i'm surprised no one has posted this yet.. don't click if you don't like offensive material http://youtube.com/watch?v=xRkA6zugNMQ http://youtube.com/watch?v=J10w3FuCwfQ funny. i don't necessarily agree with all of it though. rob halford doesn't take drugs. he certainly has done himself some rocking. the moody blues weren't into the drug scene . they made out ok.
  9. ad sugar and spice / ben franklin's almanac by the cryan shames.
  10. zero

    Dam Epiphone

    i have an epiphone. it's a hollow body. a bit harder to repair the shorted out wires in those. my input jack kept coming loose on me . i would re tighten it each time. eventually all the moving around caused the wires to come loose from the jack. also one of the bolts snapped into when i was lightly turning a screw to adjust the action.. it and all the hard wear looked like to be made of plastic coated with fake chrome. epiphones are also notorious for having weak necks. many people have complained of them snapping into.
  11. zero

    Your Song lyrics

    i'm not a lyricist or a writer of poetry. i just dabble in this stuff. this is some one of my more coherent things. i have a bunch of stuff that i wrote when i was out of my mind i can't even read through most of it. most is disturbing and sickingly painful. i wrote these when i started coming out of it a bit. death prayer power by my lips and hands from my darkness comes light i step into a bloody pentagram to be all i am is my birth rite i call unto the spirits i ask for us to have strength blood begins to drip i ask for us to not be meek we are to not be hindered our soul was made to smile of ancient cries remembered deliver us into our time the body is our bread give us hunger give us feast keep the jackals at bay give the dead in us death --------------- fight for flight raise my voice to a blackening sky angels descend remove the thorns from my side call to the sun to place the flames in my eyes feel the burning guide my way back to life this is my sacred time leathery wings mended a beast takes flight redemption is in sight begin of this cleansing pull me above the tide something calls pulls the black waters aside gives me passage from this cursed land of time bringing me out of these desert sands a promise of paradise lies ahead this is my sacred time nothing will fuck it up for me this time ---------------------- glass house up up up and away we've lost the days everything's betrayed all we can do is sing be the harbours of pain toss some stones break the glass float away ------------------- it's coming feel it slip up from behind wrapping around so tight hear it call out into the night know nowhere you're going to hide there lies something beyond your reach sparkly sharp and coming got hands around the jugular vein slice in deep into the meat i feel it vindicating i feel it annihilating i feel it empowering i want to share a piece it's the ending
  12. he's kinda boring .. but there's worse artists i guess..
  13. it's morally wrong to download a band's entire catalogue or even a single cd. it doesn't matter what i or anyone else thinks or tells ourselves to justify doing it. it's not our property . and if it were something that personally belonged to us most of us would change our tune and would then label it stealing. all that being said i've downloaded a few things before. some where mp3 rips of stuff i already owned on tape or vinyl. most of the other stuff were cds i believed i would never be able to acquire at a cd store. others i would have probably not been inclined to buy if i had ran across them in a store. still wrong. i'm a whore and a thief and a hypocrite. that's the price you pay when you put your hands in someone else's cookie jar. nothings really free.
  14. just jump in and listen to anything you can get your hands on.it's hard to go wrong when exploring 60's music.
  15. zero

    Spoiled brats

    stay away from people you don't like. unless they are a relative or co worker. it's harder to do in that case. try to help them first, give them a chance to deserve the space they take up. if they refuse to recieve it. use evil spells on them.
  16. they were just messing around. they love led zeppelin. paul can play stairway to heaven. he can play cream's catalogue too. early kiss was similar in idea to early beatles, whether anyone likes that or not. gene said he wanted kiss to be "heavy metal beatles". the difference? the beatles wanted to hold your hand, kiss wanted to get in your pants. yes the beatles also wrote more profound songs than kiss along side their fluffy stuff. kiss never wrote a let it be or hey jude. why? no one wants to hear songs like that in the middle of an orgy.
  17. she's gone? cellebrate good times c'mon! buy a fleshlight and your favorite tv dinners and liquor.. maybe they needed to be said? then don't apologize like a coward. quit hiding and go tell her she needs to work on herself or to get lost. you don't need people in your life who do a little which benefits you and a lot to piss you off. if you're the problem she should tell you the same thing. or maybe you need to learn to suck things up a little more? i'm sorry if my advice doesnt help any. relationships are crack no one can really help you but you you have to put the drug down.
  18. "when sadness fills my days it's time to turn away, and let tomorrow's dreams become reality to me" from tomorrow's dream by black sabbath not life changing for me . it's more so the equivalent for me of a christian putting all these daily bible verse stickys all over their house to remind them of.. of ? of something and to ward off those evil spirits.
  19. i didn't read all the replies. so this may be a repeat. it's my understanding that jimmy played a few solos for the song . couldn't decide which he liked best. someone had the great idea of combining the best parts of each or from a couple of them into one solo edit. it was a tape splice job.
  20. i checked them all except one. i feel like maybe i have some problems. i don't necessarily believe all of them fully. but do not rule them out. i do believe fully that there is more to things than we know. someone mentioned sitchin. here's his arch enemy http://www.sitchiniswrong.com/ despite knowing better i'm also a fan of this guy i don't like the idea of people sensationalizing stuff for a quick buck and presenting it as "truth". we are mislead enough already as it is. we want to know the answers to things. it's easy for some pseudo professor or guru or anyone with some title to come in and exploit that need.
  21. artistic spark, motivation.. hmmm... john paul jones and jimmy page.i don't know how many more tools a singer/songwriter / song crafter could possibly hope to be in their toolbox. how could anyone open jpj's site, listen to the short intro music and not feel like this guy could really take you to interesting and diverse places musically? i'm sure robert agrees. so it's not that. it's all the connotations and excess baggage connected with with it. even if these guys got together and made the best album of their career.. i don't really want to go there. " you wana whole lotta love " again and again and again in 17 octaves. that's part of it. i also think he's a sentimental guy and he has class. really respects led zeppelin and doesn't want to disturb its shrine & tomb like some bandit blowing a hole in the great pyramid so everyone can go inside and loot its treasure and ruin it's contents or something.
  22. the most disturbing thing is how extremely fertile these people look. they look like they swim in a public pool filled with each others cum and still have a few shots left over for the mirror.. i wonder what a person like albert einstein's sperm count is.sadly it probably matches their iq number... not that i'm the smartest person either. i'm smart enough to step outside the rain and piss soaked cardboard box we live in and see that it's actually a forever lost u.p.s package god addressed to the sun.. it will make it to there eventually i guess..
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