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  1. yep, bob can kick some butt . even his more radio oriented slower stuff is at least well written and heartfelt. he said he got into writing that stuff because he found it hard to write rock songs and say all the things he wanted to say in fewer more direct lines. stynx had a handful of "ok" songs, but quickly got lured into peddling horrid sappy radio friendly stuff (just for the money, obviously). i seen tull mentioned earlier. they have enough good songs to make 2 or 3 great albums. the problem for tull has always been that they spread them out over 20 + releases.
  2. i was surprised to see no one stick up for bob seger. though he should probably throw half his discography into a fire lake. he's still a legend and put out some great stuff earlier in his career. bands i hate. i am really hating newer stuff. it's not so much the band's fault themselves in every case. it's the production that is sickening. this squashed noisy monotonous sound. no instraments have tone or breathing space anymore. it sucks too that a lot of older music is being remastered to achieve a similar effect to stay in line with today's market.
  3. he's kinda boring .. but there's worse artists i guess..
  4. "when sadness fills my days it's time to turn away, and let tomorrow's dreams become reality to me" from tomorrow's dream by black sabbath not life changing for me . it's more so the equivalent for me of a christian putting all these daily bible verse stickys all over their house to remind them of.. of ? of something and to ward off those evil spirits.
  5. there is some great bits on it. such as page's melodic and delicate guitar parts on some of the tracks . aside from blue train the vocals were recorded/mixed too thin and dry. blue train is almost too wet. the guitar parts are nice but production wise they could have been better. and it's hard to hear what the bass player is doing. overall it sounds like they were rushed and had only 8 hours of studio time to work with. it almost sounds like a demo. it's cold and solid state sounding (despite the fact that albini prides himself on using tape and analogue equipment) i still really like the cd. a lot.
  6. my hair started going grey when i was 13. it's silver and black now with a thick grey streak going down my bangs. when it gets down to my waist i look like a crazy old witch lady. so i keep it cut . it still looks like shit. i'm going to shave it and wear a wig or tattoo it or just let it grow wild. i like a lot of space between me and other people when i'm stalking the horror isle at the movie rental.
  7. here's an older pic i found. it's from my glamour portfolio. before anyone gets all excited remember it's art, not porn.
  8. the house next to me has had 3 or four different tenants. the last family that lived there let their kids play with firearms. bullets would graze by here . the people that live there now let their doberman run loose despite the fact that it caused a fatal car accident and serious injuries to another passenger. the guy bled to death on my lawn, it was horrendous. we've called animal control twice the familly of the deceased called as well. animal controll never showed up. the dog still runs loose.
  9. the camera "has problems". maybe i broke it. i was fiddling with it and dropped it before i handed it to someone to take picture of me with.
  10. what were we told as kids when we thought a monster was under our bed or in our closet or when we talked of an imaginary friend? "you're being foolish" what were we told as kids when adults did not want us venturing into places? "there's a monster in there, it will get you". the loch ness monster and other fabled creatures may have originated in that manner. the water is like 900 feet deep. so it is hard for us as adults to believe in anything we can't fit into a styrofoam box and eat. the lies make us believe the biggest lie of all. that there is absolute truth.
  11. i'd post better images but these are the only two i have in a web ready format i act in local plays, this is me in one of those as the lovable beetlejuice: this is the "out of character" me (if there is a such thing). the pic is a bit blurry and deceptive as it looks as though my hair was copied and pasted onto my neck. no.
  12. cat burglars http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPTL5K6Kw-A
  13. the first pics are older. these are newer. taken with a crappy camera. the dog belonged to someone in the nieghborhood, it was just visiting. 'operation salmon raid'
  14. i apologise before hand if i put the wrong words in the wrong people's mouth. just going by memory here. eric clapton seen them live and thought they were ridiculously loud and unenjoyable paul stanley *cough* excuse me the great paul stanley, said they were the greatest band he'd ever seen live. you make not like kiss but paul is a music fanatic and usually knows what he's talking about regarding it. i'm sure grand funk would stink up this thread over a few things. at one point jimmy page described the band kaleidoscope as his ideal perfect band. i leave the rest out for someone else to post instead of hogging it all up .
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