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  1. I believe its Zep's attorney,Steve Weiss. It appears to be the signing of Zep to Atlantic Records in 1968. A monumental early photo whatever occasion.
  2. Thank Goodness the genocide in Rwanda spared the mountain gorillas....for once. I would love to go to anywhere in Africa to see the animals in their natural habitat ...at any price. You must have quite a few stories to tell,Stryder. From the few anecdotes you've mentioned above,I can assume there's enough material to write a book about your travels to help these endangered species. Start writing,sir! To follow your earlier comment,I too was fortunate enough to see Zep live in London at the O2. We had rehearsal, backstage and after-party passes too,believe it or not. It all was like a
  3. So many to choose from. In the Light is menacing and just.....wicked.
  4. Stryder, Its just incredible to believe that places like Zimbabwe,Somalia and other failed states still exist in the 21st century. The inhumanity is the same or worse than it was in pre-historic times. Most likely even worse now that advanced weapons are so accessible. Also, I've never been a person to be envious of anyone. However,I do envy the satisfaction you must enjoy while doing this wonderful work for the animals. Its encouraging to know that folks such as yourself and your colleagues do what you do.
  5. Thanks Deborah. You're too kind. And the true definition of a Southern Belle....;-) Its really an amazing collection that should be recognized. I'm just in awe of Roger's dedication ( or is it Ledication?) to the band's magazine appearances throughout the years. Its a comprehensive chronicle that's museum worthy in my opinion. I hope Roger is judged to be the winner and Supercollector par excellence. As an aside,It would be interesting to hear what Jimmy himself thinks of Mr Berlin's collection.
  6. Roger Berlin is a Super collector of Zep magazines. His collection is a museum of Zep and deserves to be nominated. I have just nominated Roger's magazine collection!
  7. I hope those sub human DRC soldiers burn in Hell uoside down.
  8. You ladies show join For Badgeholders Only......the Web's oldest Zep meeting place. Its not a traditional forum like this one though....Its a mailing list only. But there are a lot of knowledgable and friendlly Zep fans there.
  9. Whoa! How cool is that to be so close to a gorilla?
  10. This is a magical show that was my first introduction to live Led Zeppelin. I have an un-edited version with the complete medley from Whole Lotta Love,the false start to Thats the Way and all of the Plantations before,during and after this show. Its a classic with an intimate yet energetic atmosphere. It would be great to see an official full length 5:1 release of this show. Sadly, no photos from this show are known to exist....to my knowledge anyway.
  11. I was told by a friend of Jimmy's that the Japan 71 tour was recorded in multi-track. However,it would be nice to hear it from Jimmy in an effort to prompt him to release these shows.
  12. How much unreleased audio and video is in the vault? Was Japan 71 recorded in multi track?
  13. Big tickles to "Cane"! Oh yeah....and HI Fishhead too.....;-)
  14. Thanks Deb! That's nice of you to say. You're very kind.
  15. This concert poster isn't such a mystery per se. But I can say that I have never seen this particular one before. So I thought I'd post it here as there is no thread devoted to concerts photos. I believe there should be though.
  16. Further speculation and rumor/uncirculated shows: There's a post of this forum with a link to a comments page for fans of the Man Pop Fest in Canada 1970. On the comments page,one person who attended the show comments that there were video cameras visible throughout the show. She wondered whatever became of the film. A "Paul C" who worked for the band states that he recorded this show ( on audio) and still has the tapes.
  17. "gen" is short for generation...meaning the lineage of the recording. The master then the first generation copy. A copy of that would be the second generation etc.
  18. Thanks for the clarification,Sam. Much appreciated. I didn't think they played in Pittsburgh in 77..... Too bad its not a still from film...wishful thinking on my part...again...;-)
  19. Backstage Pittsburgh. Interesting....never have seen any other photos from this setting. It looks a bit "filmy" to my eye.....could it be an out-take still from backstage footage?
  20. This appears to be a 1973 pre-show set up.Just unusual that someone should snap a photo of this setting. Not so much a mystery but wondering what the circumstances were and which possible show it could be.
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