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  1. Look forward to hearing about the Buddy show ebk. He's playing in RI tomorrow night, but I don't think I can make it. Hope they're all good for you!
  2. Week 5 picks in red: Buffalo at Cleveland New Orleans at Chicago New England at Cincinnati Detroit at Green Bay Kansas City at Tennessee Seattle at Indianapolis Jacksonville at St. Louis Baltimore at Miami Philadelphia at NY Giants Carolina at Arizona San Diego at Oakland Denver at Dallas Houston at San Francisco NY Jets at Atlanta
  3. Hi, Strider asked me to post his pick for tonight's game, as he's not sure he'll have internet access by game time. He'll post the rest of his picks when he gets access. Strider's pick for tonight: Buffalo
  4. Week 4 picks in red: San Francisco at St. Louis Baltimore at Buffalo Cincinnati at Cleveland Arizona at Tampa Bay Indianapolis at Jacksonville Seattle at Houston Chicago at Detroit NY Giants at Kansas City Pittsburgh at Minnesota NY Jets at Tennessee Washington at Oakland Dallas at San Diego Philadelphia at Denver New England at Atlanta Miami at New Orleans
  5. Walter is cool blue. Week 3 picks in red: Kansas City at Philadelphia Green Bay at Cincinnati St. Louis at Dallas San Diego at Tennessee Cleveland at Minnesota Tampa Bay at New England Arizona at New Orleans Detroit at Washington NY Giants at Carolina Houston at Baltimore Atlanta at Miami Buffalo at NY Jets Indianapolis at San Francisco Jacksonville at Seattle Chicago at Pittsburgh Oakland at Denver
  6. Picks in red (Walter, I like your style) :-) NY Jets at New England St. Louis at Atlanta Carolina at Buffalo Minnesota at Chicago Washington at Green Bay Miami at Indianapolis Dallas at Kansas City Cleveland at Baltimore Tennessee at Houston San Diego at Philadelphia Detroit at Arizona New Orleans at Tampa Bay Jacksonville at Oakland Denver at NY Giants San Francisco at Seattle Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
  7. I did not hear any screaming in the theatre I saw "Argo" in :-), but I did make a snarky comment to my sister about the needle drop. I too like the film quite a bit pottedplant. The movie has been showing on HBO this week. I thought I was seeing things when I saw the "Levee" scene with the proper needle placement. Thanks sam, I guess my eyesight and mind are ok (for now).
  8. Picks in red Baltimore at Denver New England at Buffalo Cincinnati at Chicago Miami at Cleveland Atlanta at New Orleans Tampa Bay at NY Jets Tennessee at Pittsburgh Minnesota at Detroit Oakland at Indianapolis Seattle at Carolina Kansas City at Jacksonville Arizona at St. Louis Green Bay at San Francisco NY Giants at Dallas Philadelphia at Washington Houston at San Diego
  9. Thanks for the review ebk, glad you had a good time! I hope a wider release is in the works. Now that you and kdh have updated this thread, I'll be checking for updates.
  10. I can relate to some of what you said in your post Pagesbow. Sometimes I avoid things because "everyone" is reading it, watching it, wearing it, etc...but with Nirvana, I just didn't truly listen when their music was being played on the radio. Because of this (Other Bands) forum I have found lots of new music, have become reacquainted with some, and have a new like and appreciation for some artists, namely Nirvana.
  11. Deborah J, I knew you had good taste in music (besides the obvious). "Tumbleweed Connection" is one of my favorite Elton records.
  12. Hi Nirvana and fellow New Englander, I have now attended three concerts at the casino. As with most things, pluses and minuses. The other shows I saw there were Heart/JBZLE (nearly sold out) and Black Sabbath (sold out). I hate having to walk through the areas that allow smoking to get to the arena and as with other large venues, the sound is not as good as a venue that is fashioned for sound quality and not catering to other events, e.g. sporting events. Since the casino is in a remote area, some of the dark windy roads can make for a dodgy ride in the dark. What I do like is the free indoor parking, lots of pre and post show entertainment/food options, affordable ticket prices. As I attended one of the shows solo, I also like that there are people, security, lighted areas at all times. I don't gamble, but I'm sure that is a draw for some people too. I understand that some much smaller venues that Robert played at were not sold out either. Something else I noticed was the other shows I mentioned above were heavily advertised on local radio, but Robert's show wasn't. That could have to do with sponsorship and such. I am not well versed in Public Relations/Advertising. Cheers.
  13. Another new Bombino fan chiming in. I'll admit when I saw the name of the support band for the Robert and SSS show that I was going to see, I was perplexed and a bit skeptical. After doing some research before the show, I discovered the name was not a play on the word "Bambino" (a certain usage of this word is a sore spot for fans the baseball team the Boston Red Sox- apologies to non baseball fans for going off topic) and that we were going to see something good. Anyway, I really enjoyed the performance. In addition to the groovy music already mentioned, I enjoyed the visuals - the colorful costuming and the animated musicians, especially the base player). I look forward to reading more reviews!
  14. I saw the Sabs last week and had a blast, the music was outstanding. Had a hard time understanding Ozzy when he was speaking in between songs, except for the several times he yelled "I can't f'ing hear you!" when trying to get the audience cheering. It seemed like he didn't want to leave. Took him a few minutes to say good night. I thought it was sweet when he knelt and bowed at the audience - what I called an "I'm not worthy" bow. The show looked to be a complete sell out.
  15. "Well, just goes to show, things are not what they seem". I'll agree with you Nutrocker and admit that I was going to pass on the tour after watching the poor performance at the Sandy Hurricane victims benefit concert in the fall. But after reading rave reviews here, learning that Mick Taylor would be joining for some songs, and watching some Youtube videos, I changed my mind once the ticket prices dropped a bit. I am so glad that I did! I loved the show, had a wonderful night and got to do something I never thought I would (see Taylor in person). Hearing "Memory Motel" was additional icing. Sure they are older ;-), but a few of them are still in great shape, namely Jagger and Charlie Watts.
  16. First one is cheating, but I forgot to post earlier. Summer shows: Stones (a few weeks ago) Heart/Jason Bonham Robert Plant and SSS Black Sabbath I need and want one more to make it a handful :-)
  17. I agree and discovering this wonderful website has resulted in too many discoveries for me to name.
  18. Lovely! And yes, it's refreshing to have some very affordable shows to attend this year.
  19. jb126

    2013 NFL Thread

    Thank you for posting something positive paul c.
  20. Thanks Deborah J! Anticipation is growing for the show I will see next month.
  21. So happy everyone had a good time at the show and the reviews are positive (to say the least). I do not get to see Robert and SSS until July and no where near the front, but I am sure I'll love every minute. Thanks Melanie, Gigi and Strider for the fantastic photos and comments.
  22. July for me! Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, really looking forward to it!
  23. Hi Strider, I fell asleep and either dreamed or talked myself into thinking that the Bruins had won the game. At around 3AM eastern, I checked the score and was shocked. It probably has, but I don't remember that happening to me before...and no, I was not under the influence :-)
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