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  1. I meant the rellenos. When I read about them, the article noted that they are sometimes prepared with meats and like yours as well. I love V8 and tomato juice. mmmm.
  2. I must live a more sheltered food life than I thought. I had to google chilli relleno. What did you put inside? Having a strange lunch: brown rice mixed with a little butter, parmesan and jalapeno Tabasco sauce - but it tastes good to me!
  3. Conference Championships picks: San Francisco New England
  4. Thanks, I am still learning forum members. Can't decide on my picks for the Division Champs. I have a bit more time.
  5. Yes, I was thinking of those guys plus Strider, Walter and paul c. We have no Cubs fans in the forums? Talk about bad luck!
  6. Mr. Dawg, fair weather fan is a good term. To me there is a difference between "bandwagon" and "fair weather". Everyone has to jump on at some point, whether it be since you were a kid or if you became a fan at an older age (jumping on the bandwagon). Fair weather is if you jump to team B when team A is going through the inevitable lean times. In reading the sports threads on these forums for over a year now, there appear to be many loyal fans sticking by their teams during lean times.
  7. Those are great Strider, not sure if I have ever seen the last one. Someone mentioned she was dancing on JPJ's piano during "No Quarter"...must have taken quite a bit of focus on his part . Edit to add: with the way Robert moved on stage, how in the world did he not split those pants?
  8. Lots of amazing musicians born in January.
  9. jb126

    One Year

    why-att, you are not a silent member to me, I have seen and enjoyed many of your contributions.
  10. jb126

    Fitness Thread

    Hi marlam, did you take that photo? It is gorgeous. I stopped downhill skiing several years ago and have always wanted to try cc, but I have a hard enough time fitting in other fitness activities without adding another one.
  11. Happy Birthday Fool In The Rain.
  12. That sounds delicious and not just the eating, a warm weather spring getaway sounds marvelous. I have a dilemma that is sort of baseball related. Former Red Sox manager Terry Francona has opened up to a Boston journalist that I really don't like. This journalist has a book coming out on January 22. I hate to contribute to lining his pockets, however, I want to hear what Francona has to say. I do think it was probably the right decision to terminate him, but it is disgusting that someone(s) in the Sox organization let some personal and embarassing information about Francona leak to the media. Edit/update: I just learned that the book is being billed as co-written by the journalist and Francona...so I'll probably buy it.
  13. My two cents about Spygate if anyone cares. Perhaps some or even most teams were videotaping but were not caught or snitched on. Bill Belichick and any others who knew about the videotaping have to (rightly) live with that stigma attached to them. However, it ticks me off to no end that the Patriots organization, players and fans will forever have to suffer the consequences of this stupid and arrogant act.
  14. Not having given this too much thought, a few that I prefer studio are "Rock and Roll" for the guitar sound and "Battle of Evermore" for the singing, the intro, the beautiful guitar and mandolin sounds.
  15. I'd add 495 to your trio, but 128 is the worst.
  16. Worth every penny. I can guess which highway you were on, so glad to hear you are safe.
  17. Mr. Ally, I have never "met" you, but you must be a good man judging by all of the wonderful things long time members have to say about you. Good luck with your procedure.
  18. Happy Birthday Led Zep Girl, hope you enjoy your special day.
  19. I am too, and I'm still in a bit of shock.
  20. I knew that she had passed, but it wasn't until I stumbled across one of those "Musicians Who Died Young" pieces that I learned she too had a substance abuse issue and died young.
  21. So it was a planned thing then....I wasn't sure if it was that or if she jumped on the stage and they let her be for a bit. Thanks.
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