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  1. To be quite fair to Jimmy, it is pretty impressive that even being high on whatever drug he was on that night, plus that pyro blowing up in his face that he actually got through the song. I do love the fact that he just completely skips the cool guitar flanging part at the end of Achilles. It just stops, it makes me chuckle every time. I mean other than Tempe. Nuremburg '80 could be "bad" since they had to stop after 3 or 4 songs because Bonham had some issues. The '80 Tour Over Europe to me didn't have bad shows in my opinion.
  2. I have one: I actually like Tempe '77. It shows that they are human and not on some pedestal that no one can get to. Especially Achilles in the show where Plant admitted that they barely got through it. They could've just gone on to the next song and not acknowledge it. Not saying everyone thinks they are some untouchable beings that don't mess up.
  3. Just from listening to In Through the Out Door and hearing John's drums live in 1977 and 1979, the drums sound deeper and a bit metallic and sound like they're the same drums. Especially if you listen to All of My Love drum track that's out there on YouTube or something, those drums don't have the warm sound that the Green Sparkles have. They sound way more bombastic and louder to me.
  4. They played together in Syracuse in 1971 as well. http://www.ledzepconcerts.com/concertdates/cd.php?id=lz19710910
  5. I like any of the 1975 Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge medley's. For some reason for me, it just flows nicely and you can tell they are just having fun with it.
  6. We're only including live first performances of songs in front of a audience right? If not, then Carouselambra technically was played "live" in May 1978. Or they might have rehearsed it in May 1980 as well. Don't know how authentic it is. (May 1978, Clearwell Castle, Wales, UK) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf8E-J2jvLY (May 1980 Victoria Theatre, London, UK) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqKCkW-mbMY Also, if you are including soundchecks like you did for Night Flight, then The Wanton Song had a souncheck supposedly on July 6, 1973 in Chicago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf8E-J2jvLY
  7. When I first heard this song, I thought it very odd compared all the bluesy type tracks Zeppelin did for most of their career. This is a perfect example of what might have happened in the 80s if they all continued. Basically JPJ would have a freakin' field day hahaha. I always liked it, it showed they could be "proggy" if they wanted to. Shame about their 80-81 US Tour, songs like this and maybe other songs they might have thought of playing (maybe Wearing and Tearing) would have been cool to hear with all their improvised jams that they did in the songs. I wonder what people when they bought this in 1979 thought of this track initially haha.
  8. How the West Was Won or Coda. I can understand why they would use some natural formations for HTWWW to represent the title for the dvd, but in terms of Led Zeppelin, I don't get it. Coda wasn't that great either, but I can understand that too since they had a obligation for one more album and I doubt by that point they cared what the album cover looked like, was more about what was inside.
  9. Waited awhile to see if this song ever got a good producing, glad to hear this have good quality. For some reason Robert sounds a little younger in this better version that in the bootleg muddy one that's been around the Internet.
  10. It was probably an inspiration for the sound effects at the beginning of the In the Light, but from what I've read it was recorded by JPJ and Jimmy for the 72 tour, so they might have picked that idea up when they were recording In the Light which was in Jan- Feb 1974. Now that you mention it though, it kind of does, the first 5 or 10 seconds of it before the keyboard/synth stuff kicks in.
  11. 27th April 1977 or it might be 26th? Can't remember off the top of my head. That would be cool. Probably be a '73 show, but it would be cool if it was a early '75 show where they play the Wanton Song or When the Levee Breaks, that would be cool.
  12. If this would be a final show type setlist, this would be something that I would want to hear. Intro Celebration Day Communication Breakdown The Ocean The Song Remains the Same The Rain Song No Quarter Kashmir Dazed and Confused Immigrant Song Stairway to Heaven The Battle of Evermore Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge Walter's Walk Achilles Last Stand In The Light Bring It On Home Encore: Hats Off To (Roy) Harper/In My Time of Dying When the Levee Breaks I'm Gonna Crawl
  13. Apologies if this was brought up in the 200+ pages of this thread, but right around 10:41-10:42 there is a machine gun like sound. I always wondered what that was and where it came from. I'm assuming its from the amplifiers, but it persists even after they stop playing for that second? Its just sounds out of place.
  14. 4/28/1977 and 5/25/1975, then closely by 3/19/1975.
  15. I saw Led Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden last week, they had camera's and stuff, guess they are filming it for some release. Why would they do that??? Wait...it's still 1973 right???
  16. I got to hand it to people's loyalty on this forum about the hopes of them potentially getting back together even after numerous interviews that they won't. I bowed out of this since 2012.
  17. After listening to 6/21's Kashmir. It has some pretty neat stuff that the Knebworth shows lack, even though there is still something that I like in the Knebworth version, the 6/21 version gets hiked up in my book. The added Middle Eastern-like accents Robert puts on makes it sound cool as well as that reverby echo effect. Stuff like that getting added to the live versions of the songs do it for me which is why they are my favorite band. I digress, the 6/21 show is one of the best versions. I had my doubts before, but I gave it a real deep listen. Just thought I share my update, I know I pop in and out of these discussions randomly.
  18. This might be putting them in a box musically, but the sound wise, I can't see John Bonham playing electronic drums or anything like that. JPJ on the other hand we have Carouselambra which was predominantly synthesizers so something in that direction. If I had to pick something that might sound like them (albeit this band is notorious for copying their sound) these folks would probably be the closest. Again I might be stereotyping their sound, but that's how I hear it. (Obviously they would play better, sound better, and be more creative, but sound wise, something akin to this)
  19. Houses of the Holy, probably some outtakes and alternate versions of Over the Hills and Far Away, The Crunge, etc. I want more backing tracks personally so I can analyze Bonzo's drums like in the Bathroom Sound.
  20. Wonder if he has anything for Coda, hahaha. I understand him focusing on the studio more, us fans have seen the numerous bootlegs so we know the capability of the band live, but the studio stuff is a bit more ominous. When I heard La La, that was a surprise considering how "poppy" it sounded, at least to me. So if Page has more things like that tucked away for Houses and Physical then I welcome it, well not necessarily "unreleased songs", but surprises in general.
  21. Well its okay, but I assumed if he had access to the Olympia show he should have some type of access to some of the later tours soundboards as well. I'm sure there is other cool stuff that he has laying around for the later albums. I hope he can get access (if he doesn't have it already) to those tapes for a official release later on, that would be cool to hear some of those shows with better audio quality. In any way, so far the bonus stuff on these albums have been pretty good. I dig the Bathroom Sound especially, but that's because I'm a drummer and I like backing tracks.
  22. I'm interested what he puts in for Physical Graffiti, see I would hate to be him if he does have a room full of mastertapes, bootlegs, outtakes, especially for Physical Graffiti. Hope Presence will have some live stuff from the '77 tour like Zeppelin I did with the Olympia show.
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