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  1. To be quite fair to Jimmy, it is pretty impressive that even being high on whatever drug he was on that night, plus that pyro blowing up in his face that he actually got through the song. I do love the fact that he just completely skips the cool guitar flanging part at the end of Achilles. It just stops, it makes me chuckle every time. I mean other than Tempe. Nuremburg '80 could be "bad" since they had to stop after 3 or 4 songs because Bonham had some issues. The '80 Tour Over Europe to me didn't have bad shows in my opinion.
  2. I have one: I actually like Tempe '77. It shows that they are human and not on some pedestal that no one can get to. Especially Achilles in the show where Plant admitted that they barely got through it. They could've just gone on to the next song and not acknowledge it. Not saying everyone thinks they are some untouchable beings that don't mess up.
  3. Just from listening to In Through the Out Door and hearing John's drums live in 1977 and 1979, the drums sound deeper and a bit metallic and sound like they're the same drums. Especially if you listen to All of My Love drum track that's out there on YouTube or something, those drums don't have the warm sound that the Green Sparkles have. They sound way more bombastic and louder to me.
  4. They played together in Syracuse in 1971 as well. http://www.ledzepconcerts.com/concertdates/cd.php?id=lz19710910
  5. I like any of the 1975 Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge medley's. For some reason for me, it just flows nicely and you can tell they are just having fun with it.
  6. Apologies if this was brought up in the 200+ pages of this thread, but right around 10:41-10:42 there is a machine gun like sound. I always wondered what that was and where it came from. I'm assuming its from the amplifiers, but it persists even after they stop playing for that second? Its just sounds out of place.
  7. After listening to 6/21's Kashmir. It has some pretty neat stuff that the Knebworth shows lack, even though there is still something that I like in the Knebworth version, the 6/21 version gets hiked up in my book. The added Middle Eastern-like accents Robert puts on makes it sound cool as well as that reverby echo effect. Stuff like that getting added to the live versions of the songs do it for me which is why they are my favorite band. I digress, the 6/21 show is one of the best versions. I had my doubts before, but I gave it a real deep listen. Just thought I share my update, I know I pop in and out of these discussions randomly.
  8. With Primus you can't really tell if they are experimenting or not hahaha. Sounds pretty cool. I always liked this concert.
  9. When I saw this release that's when it dawned on me that they must play very good live. Never really before this release saw any other Zeppelin related live shows apart from Madison Square Garden '73, so I owe it to this DVD for my expansion into other shows.
  10. Pre-1980 Scorpions is just phenomenal. This is just one example.
  11. Yeah not the best quality haha, whoever was recording it must have been right in front of Robert or close to it haha Gallows Pole Ipswich 11.16.71
  12. You got to love the beginning of Achilles at the Landover show hahaha or at least the May 26th show.
  13. Guess Metallica has to sue Mastodon for using their Welcome Home (Sanitarium) riffs in their song "Megladon".
  14. I just listened to the Zurich Achilles, I'll put that on my list as well. For some reason I don't really give a fair shake to the 1980 versions of songs, guess I'll have to start doing that hahaha.
  15. My favorites are 5/22, 5/30, and 6/21. Best? When you try to narrow down a best Zeppelin song, I can't really contribute to that, to me its hard.
  16. Yeah I knew that, and yes they did play it in 1972 on June 19th. That'll be cool if they released this on their re-release of Houses of the Holy/Physical Graffiti but I'm sure they'll put a bootleg instead...hopefully.
  17. The guy has an opinion man, he likes that version better. Just because John is dead and not playing at this concert doesn't necessitate it from being taken out of the question when choosing your favorite version of the song. If the guy likes that version than he does. Its pointless to argue "How dare he choose this version where there are obviously greater versions!" You have no clue if he disregarded the others, just because he chose this one doesn't mean he absolutely detests the rest. Maybe he likes this one because of the guitar sound? Maybe because the quality is better? You are literally arguing against someones personal preference. Its a bit silly honestly. To me that was Led Zeppelin on stage in December 2007. If they didn't have Jason there, then I would agree with you that they shouldn't be called that but he was the closest thing you would have got and I think that was enough.
  18. I think its 1973 as well. Pretty cool that by that time they have finished Night Flight and The Rover already and all they had to do was put it on a record. Too bad there isn't more soundchecks like this one floating around. The only other one I can think of would be them playing Carouselambra in May 1980, but that's more of a rehearsal than a soundcheck.
  19. I'm sure since this is the hot bed of Zeppelin live stuff this has posted before so in advanced if it is I apologize, but I found this just recently and after hearing this cool soundcheck I kind of now want them to play Night Flight live hahaha. The bluesier stuff at the end is pretty cool too. I don't know if this is from 1973 or not, but I thought I would post this. I heard the first jam/song before, but not the other stuff.
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