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  1. GOOD GOD! thanks for the link..... they look ready to kick some serious ass! ps - the "Zoso" is missing from the speaker cabinet.
  2. good question..... they didn't say where the news was from.
  3. yesterday I heard on the Rock Report from KLOS (Los Angeles) that it was "confirmed" that they WILL be filming the performance for a DVD release. I like everyone else hope its true!
  4. if you could post some pics of the goodies that came with it that would be great!
  5. "Far From Home" - Traffic
  6. "Room a Thousand Years Wide" SOUNDGARDEN
  7. WOW ocean!! that is freakin cool!
  8. thanks for the link Jahfin! btw, I don't think Rolling Stone can give an "expert rundown" on anything these days.... the article from 1985 is a good read though!
  9. THANK YOU rockthing! I truly enjoy and appreciate the Japanese magazine releases - nothing else compares in terms of rare photos and quality printing. KEEP 'EM COMING!
  10. hey Evster! ZEP77 here with a new username.... I do not have the new dvd yet but I read somewhere that Dual Layer DVD's "pause" when the player switches layers.... maybe thats what is happening before D&C?? after reading the poor reviews of the Collectors Ed, I'm not in a rush that I was to get it....
  11. I haven't been able to find the Collectors Ed. DVD in my area. Do the boxes indicate the shirt size inside?
  12. I bought the CD a few days ago and am excited that they added the other songs and did the remaster but after listening to the original a million times, I just have to agree with the others that 'No Quarter' and 'TSRTS' just do not remain the same. It was very strange to NOT hear the same lyrics and the same performance in those two songs that I've been used to for the past 20 years! although, 'The Rain Song' is simply stunning and has now replaced 'No Quarter' (due to the cut) as the jewel in the crown. looking forward to seeing the visual now..... BRAVO on the new and improved site too!
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