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  1. Great photos! I remember these from Backstage Gallery. Good stuff.
  2. Thanks for the info Sam. Wish we could see a preview of some of the images. More importantly, how much is 1977 represented?
  3. Not sure where else to post this but this is a mystery to me. I didn't know that Ticketron sold tickets for Knewborth 1979: http://
  4. I've been doing a little research of those dates by venue to see if the sticker was meant for another band touring at the time - no hits.
  5. nice! how long did they play? they are playing at the Hollywood Bowl in LA in September and we're thinking about going.
  6. I was hoping this wouldn't be the case. Thanks for saving me the expense.
  7. I tried google and couldn't find anything.
  8. what have you heard about the Baton Rouge 1977 show? so it is out there in the inner circles?
  9. Hi Steve, I remember reading that it was as well. Wikipedia (I know not always the best source) show references to this in Dave Lewis's Celebration Book vol.2:
  10. That was one of the BEST articles I've ever read on the band. Thank you for posting.
  11. I'll play. In no particular order: 1. Pontiac Silverdome video tape 2. Houston Summit video tape 3. SBD for 06.21.1977 4. SBD for 7.20.1977 5. A complete set of all the backstage passes Zeppelin ever used
  12. Hi Steve - with the passing of Dennis Sheehan yesterday, I was looking to find some pictures from 1977. Suprisingly I could not find any. Do you have any? I'd like to see him on the 1977 Tour era. Thanks in advance!
  13. http://www.ebay.com/itm/LED-ZEPPELIN-JIMMY-PAGE-HAND-DRAWN-SIGNED-SKETCH-PSA-DNA-GRADED-GEM-MINT-10-/191550797708? pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c9951378c#ht_2586wt_1105 seems dubious to me but hey, you asked!
  14. superb images!!! thank you for posting.
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