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  1. Not sure what John Bonhams unfortunate death in late 1980 has to do with ITTOD being recorded in late 1978 and released in "79"?? A pair of decent albums from 1980.. Van Halen - Women and children first Ac/Dc Back In black Of course, not much in the bass department there.
  2. Of course he's not the greatest of all time....but he's got a fantastic start, and time.
  3. I think it's a sign that steroid use is alive in the drumming world. I feel cheesy playing DB sixteenths for more than four bars!
  4. Man...could you quit being sarcastic and get serious about this, Please?
  5. It's been done quite a bit actually, there's a whole bass drum speed culture amongst kids on Youtube. Some don't even play drums, but sit there with a double pedal, a kick drum trigger pad and a metronome! There's a vid of some guy doing 290 BPM on there as well. I've seen that done in person, it's not that impressive when the trigger supplies the velocity, and you set your beater to stay about 2" of off the drumhead.
  6. If you look at those shots you see that the backline isn't at all the usual Zep equipment. Was that from a TV show set or something?
  7. JHB triplets do not require a double pedal at all - true. JHB's quadruplets seperate him from mortal drummers lol! I use a double pedal always....I'm perfectly capable of pulling off quads with one foot, but in todays musical landscape, and with volume levels being where they are, it is much more comfortable and practical to use the the double pedal system.
  8. (In best Ed Mcmahon voice) You are correct sir. One more mystery solved...keep up the good work MD!
  9. IGG

    You are a lovely soul, I'm happy to have had the chance to get to know a bit about you over the years. Luckily this can continue in more friendly environs.

  10. I don't like "VS" threads, and this comparison is another reason why. I think both have a rightful place in my music collection, for different reasons, and one thing you can say about both players is that even if you've not heard the song before you instantly know it's them. That's respectable in any genre.
  11. Smile!!! Please?


  12. Pantera Metallica (from "And justice" backwards...) Testament Prong Suicidal Tendencies Bad Brains Slayer Slipknot Throw in a nice mix of the classics...Priest, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Early VH
  13. Is that the female term of the male "Fuzzy Gherkin" ?
  14. Saturday night Live actually. Mine was a nickname that my dad used on my brother and I when we were very young. There is a ten year gap between my brother and I so at least there was no confusion as to who he was referring to at any given time. I used a version of it to incorporate the drumming side of my personality when I joined on the old board, the name was ImGonnaGroove. Some of the members started figuring out the shorter handle was IGG, and would type that instead, so I asked Sam to change my user name since that was in fact my nickname all along.
  15. I have no taste? That's a handful of bands in the long history of Rock and roll that qualify among the worst in my opinion. You think they're great... I'm thankful I don't share ears with you.
  16. I agree, I don't accept that even where Led Zeppelin is concerned.
  17. Good point. Every generation has plenty of acts that fall into this category, and even though we might like more serious, and more talented bands, a few of those kitschy acts end up appealing to us. It's where the phrase "Guilty Pleasures" comes from. Now I don't think the Eagles, or Journey were the "Coldplay" of their generation, but they are definitely of the same safe, unadventurous type.
  18. IGG

    Oh CANADA!

    On the other hand, they're making it harder to enter Detroit. It probably works in your favor.
  19. Don't know about the worst bands ever, but i turn the dial when upon hearing- Bob Seger Bruce Springsteen Bad Company Cept for maybe four songs..the whole Rolling Stones catalogue.
  20. So that's why you only come out when we drink our gin.....
  21. No order.... Favorites John lennon Robert Jim Morrison Roger Daltrey Aretha Franklin Joe Strummer Dean Martin Elvis Costello Perry Farrel Doug Pinnick Ian Astbury Sia Furler Mark Lauer Lisa Gerrard Not to fond of Bob Dylan Bruce Springsteen Paul Rodgers Mick Jagger Bob Seger Meatloaf Sammy Hagar Mariah Carey Vince Neil Alvin
  22. Pepper is an exploration of sex,drugs, and psychedelia. Of course you don't understand.
  23. Lifelong Beatles fan, I've heard it said that you're either a Stones fan, or a Beatles fan.....no wonder I only own one Stones record. I also have zero problem with, and see the genius that is Sgt. Pepper. That album gets raked over the coals alot, and I'll never understand why. I would have loved to be in a competing band in 1967 when the Beatles dropped that one.
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