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  1. Did'nt he leave loads of soundboard tapes for the 1980 tour in the boot of his car and they got nicked? Doh! Hence nearly every show available.
  2. Did anyone see Coverdale on BBC1 breakfast time tv this morning? I thought his head was gonna explode from all the botox - scary!
  3. Ha Ha! I know what you mean. I hated Rush back in the late 70s coz a kid in my class at school loved them and was always baiting me that they were better than zep and were gonna steal their crown. Over the years they have grown on me a bit and when Geddy Lee stopped screeching like a scalded cat they sounded a lot better. Technically brilliant eg XYZ (no vocals a bonus!) but emotionally soul less you either love them or hate them i guess!
  4. Who said anything about a no partying rule? The band can party as long and as hard as they like so long as when they get the knock on the dressing room door they are capable of putting on a show to a reasonable standard - not too much to ask is it? While most bands partied after the gig i get the impression zep were a 24 hr party band while on tour including actually partying during the show! I remember a funny Robert Plant interview where he mentioned towards the end of a typical 45 minute Bonham drum solo a roadie would put his head round the door and shout "sticks" - that was the cue for them to get dressed and back on stage in time to finish the song!
  5. Have just listened to the Hannover 24/06/80 gig! Nutrocker - you weren't kidding!!! Oh deary, deary me!
  6. I remember a good friend of mine, an excellent guitarist and Page fanatic who went to the second (11th Aug) Knebworth gig telling me Page was so poor that he went looking for a steward afterwards to demand his money back! How bad is that? I must say i was stunned when i heard Page admit the O2 was the first gig he did sober - firstly that he would admit to it and secondly that he was incapable of getting on stage unless he was loaded! I have only ever played one gig drunk and that was the first and last time - i was rubbish!
  7. It's bizzarre why he would want to go back to the hair metal look of the late 80s when he is 62!!! He looks ridiculous and i remember him swearing years ago he would never have plastic surgery! When he released Into the Light back in 2000 he had his hair back to it's natural brown and in a shorter trendy style - he looked great!
  8. Jimmy "Gollum" Page - ha ha! I like it! Well i do recall him being referred to as Lord of the Strings somewhere - groan! Ok i accept i may have been a bit brutal in my assessment on his physical state but it pains me to see such a sharp decline in his usually regal demeanour in such a short time. Regarding his teeth i think you will find he has had all of them capped - you can longer see the gap between his front teeth caused by some sort of calcium deficiency he had around 79/80. I could never accuse him of not trying but surely by laying off the substances it would have been effortless like it was back in 72/73 and not a struggle. When you refer to the 09/04/77 Chicago gig is that the one which was cut short due to his "ahem" food poisoning? If so i wasn't aware extra shows were added to compensate - a nice touch but surely prevention is preferable to cure every time?
  9. Actually because i care! The fact i tell it how i see it and don't pull any punches does not make me any less of a fan - or does it? If Jimmy Page wanted to play russian roulette with his drink and drugs intake during 77-80 and beyond then that is entirely his choice and business - i don't care. However when it starts to affect the music then i do care - a lot! As a performing artist you have an unwritten contract with the paying audience to put on a good show. I'm not interested in your self inflicted addictions, insecurities or whatever. When it's show time i expect you to get a grip and deliver - whether you are in a pub band or in Led Zeppelin. As i have said before zep should have called it a day in '77 with their musical integrity intact. Alternatively Page could have used the enforced 2 year layoff to clean up and come back in '79 rejuvinated, hungry again and ready to take on new wave and punk music but for whatever reason he did'nt - a wasted opportunity IMO. Believe me i get no pleasure in hearing my favourite band in it's death throes on this tour - it's sad and a terrible waste. but hey ho what is done is done and it's all water under the bridge. It still gets my goat though that zep could have had a long career like Rush for example?
  10. Ha ha! Keef is bomb-proof and will be still rockin' in his wheelchair before the grim reaper comes knocking!
  11. Thanks for posting these lyrics! I never knew the significance partly because they are so buried in the mix and it's hard to decipher them! The song takes a whole new meaning now though it's still let down by the annoying parping synths and disco euro beat!
  12. OMG! Coverdale looks really scary on the cover - like he's been mummified! When plastic surgery goes wrong!
  13. apologies for previous blank posts - new phone is a nightmare!
  14. Has anyone seen any recent pics of Keith Richards? He looks like he has taken an acid bath!
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