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  1. I remember him being on Dave Edmonds team back in 1981 i think. Was really shocked to see him with short (ish) hair but impressed with his musical knowledge - he got practically every question right!
  2. I know, i know! (hangs head in shame) (: I really got sucked into the book and let it sway my judgement too easily - apologies again!
  3. Ok i accept now i have over-stepped the mark so will apologise unreservedly for any offence caused.
  4. And i suggest you read the book before you judge me!
  5. Of course it's not the whole picture! Who said it was? It would be naive to think that. It's only a small part - the period '77-80 when things got really out of control i was referring to! Anyway i'm off to read for a second time this week - yes it's that good!
  6. What i find particularly distasteful is that the manipulative Page who could'nt fight his way out of a wet paper bag, knowing Bonham was'nt exactly the brightest tool in the box would goad and encourage him in his anti-social behaviour and merely observe the mayhem from a distance. Of course he was'nt adverse to a bit of vile behaviour himself ie allegedly spitting in the face of a showco employee - i mean how low can you get?
  7. Not heard Goldfrapp before - they are rather good! Kinda 70s glam-rock vibe!
  8. Yes he did! I have always wondered if Plant had a list of conditions that had to be met before he returned?
  9. Now, now Sag how can you be so cynical? I'm sure it was true love (cough!)
  10. What i could'nt understand is why after the shambles of Live Aid and Page obviously in the grip of a major drink problem he would give it another go only 6 months later in Bath.
  11. No one is questioning Bonham's integrity as a family man but joining a successful touring band with all the pressures and temptations of the 70s was a recipe for disaster! I've always maintained that zep should have called it quits in '77. Reading this book just confirmed it. Nothing had changed when they got back together in '78 so it was only going to end badly and in tragedy. There is a good history of Bonham's early life in Howard Mylet's book.
  12. I know hindsight is a wonderful thing but i don't understand why someone did'nt just say "enough"!!! I mean after Oakland and the way the 77 tour ended surely it was a golden opportunity to reign things in. Jones said it best "We were not in good shape mentally or health-wise. Prehaps no one was strong enough to stop it - including our manager, who was'nt that well himself" page 408
  13. For me Bonham will always be the best rock drummer ever, but no one has anything good to say about him (when on tour) in this book. I know you don't have to like your heroes on a personal level to enjoy the music, but after reading the book i'm sorry he's just vile! I thought there might be some exaggeration by bitter ex-employes with an axe to grind, but when a respected journalist like Howard Mylett witnesses him smashing up a dressing room by himself then you know there is some truth in it. The episode where Bonham was being driven down to London by Matthew Stanislowski and he just shouts a
  14. I think Jimmy's eyes were rolling around in his head due to the bottle of Jack Daniels he had obviously consumed before going on stage - he could barely stand upright! When he got tangled up in the mike stand during the first song with a billion people watching i had my head in my hands. A legend died that day! I made the fatal mistake of bragging to all my work colleagues that Zep were gonna be the best band at Live Aid and to be sure to watch them blow everyone else off stage. The next day i walked in and everyone burst of laughing - thanks Jimmy!
  15. Did'nt he leave loads of soundboard tapes for the 1980 tour in the boot of his car and they got nicked? Doh! Hence nearly every show available.
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