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  1. There is nothing more annoying than someone roaring in here with only 4 posts ,attacking longtime forum members ,and slamming Plant under the guise of defending Page. Someone needs to start a Led Zeppelin "Troll" forum so all these jokers can go over there and post. The one long run on sentence was amusing however.
  2. Merry Christmas to all the fine members of this forum! However you celebrate...I hope your day today is a lovely one!
  3. This definitely qualifies as an " Awwwww...." http://wtvr.com/2014/12/22/must-see-video-doggie-does-happy-dance-after-catching-glimpse-of-owner/
  4. The words " better than" don't exist in my musical realm. I love the guitar so much that I love what each and every one of these players have brought into my life through their music.... Jimmy Page, Johnny Winter, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rory Gallagher, Garry Moore, James Burton, Roy Buchanan, Duane Allman, Hubert Sumlin, and i could go on....
  5. This one is sad unfortunately ,,,it's an obit.....but I think it is a very cool one....,. McKAY, Ian June 24, 1949 - September 16, 2014 Born in Maryport, England. Attended Sir Charles Tupper Secondary. He was a real Vancouverite of the times, a Kitsilano hippie; he and The Papa Bears opened for Led Zeppelin. He lives on at www.projectbabelart.com. He was either a nice tough guy or tough nice guy, and he took on life and just gave it all he could. Complain, never. Legally blind, but he had vision. An artist, a generous and funny man. Acknowledgement and thanks to the nurses, care workers, support staff, social workers, doctors and volunteers who cared for him since his stroke. It has been said that the death of someone can leave the world a poorer place. Not in Ian's case; his spirit prevails.
  6. The ash hanging off that cigarette is too funny!!!! Great photos! I really enjoy the ones with the guitars of course....
  7. That is Holly Williams ! Talented in her own right. She is the grand daughter of country great Hank Williams Sr ( I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry )
  8. Most people who are heavy into music know Cry Me A River, it is a popular and well known song in its own right....and to suggest it even remotely turned up in Stairway...??? Thanks for my laugh for the day. All music is derivative....and that is not theft. I get so annoyed when all this talk of thievery surfaces.... If the tables were turned.....and Taurus had become an iconic and best selling song of all time for Spirit would we even be having this conversation? I think not...
  9. This certainly will not hold up in a court as it is a fact that one cannot copyright a chord progression. If this were not so then I am sure the composer of Taurus ( Randy California) would have sued LZ when he was still alive. Ascending or descending....the two songs are not alike and it smells of a cash grab for Mark Andes....
  10. All I know is every time I see the words "Led Zeppelin Seattle 1977"...it brings back the many many hours I spent dialing ....yes DIALING.....the old rotary phone trying to win a seat on the local radio station bus that was heading down to Seattle to the show.....you won the seat you got a ticket. Zeppelin was a tough ticket to get by the late 70's.....and no....I didn't win a seat on the bus.....
  11. Longshot of a guess here Strider...but Jimmy has mentioned in the past about a friendship with a French rock journalist named Philipe Paringaux...since the airport is Orlys...perhaps that is who that is?
  12. Just have to wonder why anyone would bring their Led Zeppelin lps to a Mott the Hoople concert.... Safe to say those people were probably Ebayers.....???!!! Idiots...
  13. I will say it was quite admirable of Sir Paul to stop and shake fans hands and pose for photos, as that was quite a daunting crowd. I was surprised that he would arrive at Osaka as I know here most celebrities use our old airport to arrive instead of Vancouver International, which would be similar to those who generally arrive at Teterboro Airport in NJ/NY as opposed to LaGuardia or JFK thus avoiding those kinds of situations.
  14. Don't feel bad....look at the guy in the photo in the background behind Jimmy....looks like he's trying to decide too!!
  15. I have to admit....that cat had me falling over laughing......especially on the intro notes!
  16. A complete turkey dinner with all the fixings....today was Thanksgiving in Canada...
  17. Loved Queen!!!! I still have my ticket stub from when I saw them in 1980 opening night of The Game tour. It is a tiny pink little stub about the size of a 50/50 ticket! I also saw them in March of 1977 and remember that show vividly though as it was in our hockey arena at the time and Thin Lizzy was the opening act! The smoke was so thick after Lizzy's set that the organizers had to open all the exterior doors to air out the arena as we could hardly see the stage anymore! Freddie Mercury was an amazing showman and singer....I truly appreciate that I was lucky enough to see not only Freddie but Gary Moore on that night as well!! ...... I am a bit of a guitar geek..
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