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  1. Sick and tired of hearing this again it sounds like a broken record ,who gives a shit I could care less ,nuthin in it for me anyway!
  2. Hot Dog was a song written about Texas and some girl named "Sally" Plant sings , "and I ain't never going to Texas anymore.
  3. Finally,someone gets it right who other than thedark lord ,he replys with a 100% accurate post and everyone slams him ,keep up the good work Dark Lord your darn tootin dead on we all would have gotten " something quite different" . here's a cool joke , If Page makes good on this new material, do we have to wait 10 yrs for the companion disc. Hee-hee Ha-ha!
  4. The viglio velodrome,Milan ,sounds like it might have been the tear gas - riot, it was a lot worse than what was reported,
  5. Yes nice post all the bases were covered, but I hear nuances in a lot of Paget's work, are nuances a way of trying to hide the sloppiness ,or are they 2 different things altogether, I play at intermediate level and get sloppy when I practice to much . always wondered if page was just careless about that?
  6. Wolfman ,I agree, but it hasn't been "lately", its been along time happening.
  7. I find that very hard to believe.... Another book w/ new info ,they said that about the last book and the one before that,, (shall I continue).I am not making this up ,but many years ago a rock journalist stated led zep had become such a money making machine that if you attached the name Led zeppelin onto anything ,even a pile of shit ,it would sell. Peter Grant must be rolling in his grave.
  8. I give them all a 10!! That was real good thanks everybody!!
  9. yes that was mistake #1 ...here's #2 forgetting Jonesy on the unledded tours, #3 why not let Jason do it # 4 or another drummer . many were willing back in the day Powell,Collins ,Jason carmine appice,Michael Lee too! I blame Paget for the whole mess he was anal about many things by character not just zep.. There are a hell of a lot more mistakes but then I could start another forum .as a long very long zep fan (53yrs old me am) I understand Plant now.and why. He feels the way he does. Ask yourself this " How much shit can you eat??
  10. I agree w/every single post listed here, but somehow someway ,I find that very hard to believe,is it a joke or something ,I find this all very hard to believe. I do believe that someone always gets it no matter what .if Plant doesn't somebody will ,ex.handed down ,estate, family,designated party ,etc,etc,! The music industry is vicious. Let's review,....look what happened to Elvis ,Beatles,and James Brown (15 yrs dead and they still can't can't settle) , Liberace,another classic example. Bottom line,if the music is no longer profitable after any "7 " yr.stretch it becomes public domain and then its a whole new ballgame.ask yourself this ??...."Is someone claiming royalties to Beethoven??...You bet your sweet a$$ they are!!! . and I can start my own forum on how many legendary musicians died heartbroken,penniless,friendless,and way deep in debt. Record executives,,labels company's, are inhumane vultures,heartless and void of any self respect. I place Bob Geffen of Geffen Records on top of the list .Some one should off him!!!
  11. Copyright infringements have certain criteria. One of them is the 3 chord rule . if you exceed it in any way then you infringed upon . its important to remember this rule when looking at the musical notation. Because they sound alike doesn't mean much. But one of the band members from Taurus, had a slip of the tongue ,he admitted just recently that considering the fact that stairway was what 1970/71 ,and Taurus Late sixties.well,why didn't they sue back then.I will tell you.....they waited for stairway to make some money (and it sure did).very clever cold,and calculating on Taurus behalf. So in essence this was a long time coming!!
  12. Hard to say ,but all the front running shows have been posted , ....the soundboard makes it clear but some songs and solos come into the mix, ....great sound,lackluster solo,,or brilliant solo ,lackluster sound.I thought someone would have recorded best song version of tour and make a compilation live 77 album. Best song from from different venue a then make a full set list w/ it
  13. For Badgeholders Only - 06/23/77, I find it very hard to believe my ears when listening to such a pristine version of 10yrs gone!!
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