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  1. Sick and tired of hearing this again it sounds like a broken record ,who gives a shit I could care less ,nuthin in it for me anyway!
  2. Hot Dog was a song written about Texas and some girl named "Sally" Plant sings , "and I ain't never going to Texas anymore.
  3. Finally,someone gets it right who other than thedark lord ,he replys with a 100% accurate post and everyone slams him ,keep up the good work Dark Lord your darn tootin dead on we all would have gotten " something quite different" . here's a cool joke , If Page makes good on this new material, do we have to wait 10 yrs for the companion disc. Hee-hee Ha-ha!
  4. I reported this topic ,case closed,give it a break ,or get some smoke or something .I am in total shock of what I am reading on this forum in general
  5. The viglio velodrome,Milan ,sounds like it might have been the tear gas - riot, it was a lot worse than what was reported,
  6. Yes nice post all the bases were covered, but I hear nuances in a lot of Paget's work, are nuances a way of trying to hide the sloppiness ,or are they 2 different things altogether, I play at intermediate level and get sloppy when I practice to much . always wondered if page was just careless about that?
  7. No,I doubt that was Page intent ,but the Hendrix tune might have given page an idea or 2.keep in mind this is common in the music industry,they all do it . notes -vs - sound,is what makes the difference (enter copy right),Let's all remember the famous quote by Plant "There is nothing new ,under the sun"
  8. I have a great sounding CD boot of this show, 3disc, disc 1& 2 is the full show,disc 3 is a sound check rehearsal,earlier that day, (1)drum/mellotron tuning,(2)Love Me,(3) Frankfurt special,(King Creole( bonus tracks of the St,Georges Hall show 01/18 73 ,dazed & confused ,WLL,immigrant song, .the title is "The Great Lost Live Album",by Nasty Music records.very clean sound maybe the best,
  9. Woz 70 I will post much better or not post at all.from here on out. I will omit the believe parts.thanks for the " heads up".
  10. I find that very hard to believe,really is this some kind of joke or something,a college project,I find this very hard to believe.Iam compelled and urged not to play the fool,so I cannot help you on this, good luck and post that final grade ( you really need to prove me wrong, once again good luck w/ the project
  11. Oops , I made a faux- pas, lwent back to listen again it is Key of A, and iguess you could play it as fast or slow as might, so what I meant to post was yes Deborah has a strong voice but not for this song , Stevie nicks and Heart can really rock this song,,they are closer to it in vocal range.Deborah leaves much to be desired.
  12. This post makes no sense ,,where or how does it connect to zeppelin, pay attention. " Other band to news " section,
  13. Justfred, you state " it was songs known by only a few" .....well a few what....shitheads!!! Face the facts & call it as it is. If zep doesn't like i . .tuffshit" ,"to bad". I this type of thing been going on in music for generations ,, zep weren't even born yet so don't bullshit .me!!!!!!
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