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  1. Great answers. Lots of was info I was not aware of. Still seems odd though with Vancouver also being close to the border but it does sound like purely a financial matter.
  2. This question might have been answered elsewhere but I can't seem to find an answer. Led Zeppelin's last Toronto show was in 1971 and the city was never scheduled again. I heard rumours there was some legal trouble waiting if they ever stepped back into Ontario. This sounds plausible by looking at the issues Keith Richards, Lemmy and Jimi Hendrix had in Ontario but doesn't explain why the members came back after 1980. I also heard that the band was so upset by the audience at the last show they vowed never to return. Every tour after '71 the band returned to Vancouver and Montreal but avoided one of the largest Canadian markets which is relatively close to Montreal, Buffalo and Detroit. Anyone have the scoop on this?
  3. Just got my game. I am sensing a pattern here....
  4. There was also a custom re-theme of a 70s pinball recently for anyone interested. The art package is quite interesting and overall well done. Game details: https://pinside.com/pinball/machine/led-zeppelin Full details here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/1976-bally-led-zeppelin-retheme For anyone interested, there is also a 10 min podcast on the Stern website (you need to log in) where they discuss the difficulties they had with branding guidelines and the lack of general colour in the Zeppelin catalogue which is why everything was centred around the Electric Magic poster. I am not a fan of the cabinet artwork but I guess they did the best they could work with.
  5. I watched some of this last night and its pretty awesome. One of the most exciting fan made releases that I have seen in a long time.
  6. https://www.whosampled.com/Led-Zeppelin/ Current stats: 520 samples, 462 covers, 3 remixes
  7. Does this still work? I recently tried on 2 different PCs (mac/Win10) with 5 different browsers and nothing worked.
  8. I came across this "Archive" series and was wondering if there was anymore information on them with more details on the entire series and the packaging?
  9. Are there any photos of Led Zeppelin's later stage setup that are not concert shots? For example, there is a clean picture of The Who's stage set up but I can't seem to find something similar for Zeppelin.
  10. I came across this interesting mix by Cheeba. So then I started to look for other mixes and found a lot of other 'mixes' and 'medleys' that are not what I was looking for. It seemed much more difficult that I expected. If anyone has any suggestion let me know. The criteria is this: 1) Has to be performed by Zeppelin (official or bootleg). So this rules out mash-ups with other bands and songs being performed by someone else. 2) Is an actual mix of various songs and not a mix-tape with one full song after another.
  11. 16 Seconds, San Bernadino 1972
  12. I was doing a bit of research and trying to figure all the known video sources where Black Dog was played live. I know of TSRTS, Knebworth 79 and Earls Court 75. I believe there is some 8mm footage but not sure. Does anyone know of other sources of this song?
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