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  1. Exactly if poeple didn't buy these releases evsd would stop releasing them and we would never hear them. And some people just prefer to own physical product. Nothing wrong with collecting physical media . At the end of the day it's you're money you work for it and you can spend it as you wish.
  2. There is a certain wild sounding quality to plants voice during thoose August and first week of September shows. That is not quite there on the later u.s September shows like hampton. It has less of That gravelly quality that was a trademark of early plant. His voice makes an impressive recovery for the japan tour. September 24th in Tokyo is one of his strongest performances of 1971. He goes for and nails screams and high notes he had been avoiding during many of the September shows.
  3. Hopefully the endings of the 71 shows were recorded but maybe thoose reels just don't circulate. Maybe they are like the 73 boards. Many of the 73 boards are just the first 2 third but then there are several shows where only the last third circulates on what seems to be a separate reel. Orlando seems to have alot more cuts in it then other zeppelin boards do. Most of them seem to be complete untill the tapes run out. They only way we will know for sure will be when more 71 boards start to circulate.
  4. He could fly in vocal fixes from the 28th. It's also rumoured they recorded both tokyo shows and plants voice was in killer shape for the tokyo shows and was very strong for the first osaka show. So there are lots of performances with killer vocals from that run to choose from. Plant had similar vocal issues for the how the west was won shows as he did for the the second osaka show and page was able to smooth out the rough spots in the vocals no problem.
  5. I wonder if their source is asking for a much larger price for an early show like osaka that is much larger then the price evds pays for a 75 or 77 show. It seems likely a show from 69 to 72 would command a higher price. I guess we will never really know.
  6. I think that probably many of the people who bought the immigrant song single are collectors who buy up almost any zeppelin release and will gladly buy the whole show if and when it comes out. I would think that many who bought the single bought it knowing full well the whole show will be released at a latter time. Anyone buying the single would be familiar enough with evsds business practices to know they release everything multiple times. Think of all the various osaka based sets they can re re re re release when the full osaka tapes get released.
  7. I think the September 24th show is the best played and sung of the tour. But the osaka shows have an energy and that tight but loose vibe that he hear in the 69 and 70 live shows. I look both equally but for different reasons.
  8. The 928 version of celebration day is an amazing one as well but gets overlooked because the recording is not too great. I think that whole show is one of the best they played . I think it would gain a much larger following if we get the whole soundboard. Toronto is my favorite as well. I don't know if there is another live celebration day where plant sings it as well as he did in Toronto. The rest of the Toronto board would be a dream as well.
  9. The story about the tapes being wiped was put out by the band in the 70s Peter Grant said st that time they were wiped. But I think it was to keep Atlantic s Japanese division from pressuring them to release the tapes. They record company paid for the recording. So they may have been worried about having to hand the tapes back over as page had them in London foe review.
  10. Very true. Many of us who consider ourselves hardcore zep fans tend to forget that we are only a very small minority of zepps fan base. Unfortunately we are not pages target audience . He is more concerned with the main stream non bootleg listening audience. And as much as I don't like it it's very understandable.
  11. In 2016 page said in an interview that he didn't think japan was worth releasing because of all the royalties they would have to pay . I hope he changes his mind. Even though we would all prefer unedited shows . He could edit some stuff out . I would rather have it edited then not have it at all.
  12. Going to give the last third a couple of more listens hopefully it will grab me this time as it will give me something different to get into outside of my usual staples. I forgot about that version of since I've been loving you. It really is killer. It's one of those songs where they almost always seem to step up their game. They really loved playing that song.
  13. Speaking of fort worth 77 . I have tried very hard to get into that show as it is highly regarded but for some reason it never grabs me . I can only get into the first 3 numbers and no quarter but other then that it just does not grab me. The sound quality is great and is better then the other 77 boards. What am I missing with that show.
  14. I agree June 22 77 is my favorite 77 show as well. The whole band is on fire and Robert gives his best vocal performance of 77 in my opinion . He pushes his voice very hard and it holds up the whole show. And you get the best imtod they ever played and pages best over the hills solo. It may be my favorite show post 73.
  15. I love pages tone on the audience recordings from 75 . Your right it just didn't translate to the soundboard recording very well. I have also noticed that for the first l.a show his tone was very thick full and crunchy on the Millard tape more so than most other nights on the tour. I also love his tone on the Montreal audience tape . Very full sounding. It's really only his 77 thru 1980 tone that dissapointed me. Although Copenhagen in 79 has killer tone.
  16. I see evsd is packaging the Houston and fort worth 77 shows together for their next zeppelin release. I wonder if it's a primer for an upcoming 77 soundboard release. Maybe Birmingham or baton rouge. Either one would be most welcome if we don't get osaka from 71. I would prefer baton rouge since we have no recording if that show. Birmingham would be great though it's one of my favorite 77 shows. Great show and plants voice is very strong. It would also make a great matrix as one of the audience sources is a fine recording. You would think we would be getting an anoucment any time now. Maybe they are waiting to see what the official release is going to be before deciding.
  17. Hopefully evsd has access to the tokyo soundboards. Since they have access to the osaka shows there is a chance. I really love the second tokyo show in my opinion it's ad good as the osaka shows . Plants voice is very strong on the 24th and might be his best vocals of the 5 japan shows . He gives a killer version of since going for and hitting those big screams he had been ducking on many of the September u s shows. I hear a big improvement in his voice for the tokyo shows over most of the post l a shows on the 71 u s tour. . The whole band is at the top of their game for the japan tour. Hopefully evsd will give is a full osaka show for the 50th anniversary. You would think evsd would be announcing their next sb release very soon. If they were planning an osaka release you would think they would announce it when they released immigrant like they did with heartbreaker from Seattle. I hope it's not another tease like black dog and then give us another 75 show. But I would have no complaints with the second long beach show.
  18. The osaka immigrant song sounds quite good and is a great performance. I love pages guitar tone in 1971 so Much more full and thick. It's very rich and so much warmer then his latter tone. I 'll never understand why he went from this tone to the dry brittle tone of the latter years. His early 70s tone would have helped him alot latter on when his playing skills declined.
  19. Just seen that evsd recently repackaged the 2 Vancouver soundboards with the the 2nd Seattle soundboard . Those are 3 killer performances to have on one set and many consider those to be 3 of the best shows of 1975 and along with long beach probably are the best shows of 1975 but talk about milking the cow with those 75 shows . How many times have they released those Vancouver shows.
  20. Just saw on Twitter that evsd is releasing a cd single of immigrant song from osaka on September 29 1971 from a previously unheard soundboard . It's not from the soundboard that already circulates . If this is true then evsd has access to sb tapes from both osaka shows or perhaps multi track mixdown of those shows . Nice to know there is at least some stuff prior to 75 they have access too . Wouldn't it be amazing if evsd gave us a deluxe set of both osaka shows for the 50th anniversary but knowing evsd this won't happen as they will want to milk the cow for all its worth.
  21. Pretty obvious your a an arrogant jerk off so thanks for reminding us and bad day to you too mate just because I have not been a member of this form for the last 22 000 years does not make me a newbie I've been a zeppelin fan for 25 years and there is not concert I have not heard 20 times or more . Thanks for your opinion that has no basis in fact.
  22. I think the multitrack audio tapes ran out during heartbreaker don't know about the video I wish jimmy would use an sb tape if there is one to fill in the rest of heartbreaker.
  23. For what it's worth I've read lots of posts on various forums including this one where people have stated zeppelin played better shows in 1970 then rah and better shows on 1972 then the California shows. So how does that make me a newbie because I like shows better then those ones. I did not know there was a right and wrong answer for favorite shows and I was under the impression that most posts including mine were a mixture of knowledge and opinion . So bad day to you mate I followed these forums for several years before joining and have seen plenty of posts that are a mixture of knowledge and opinion and what's wrong with that. And i find it completely arrogant for someone to say thanks for reminding us your a newbie as if you speak for the whole forum.
  24. Zeppelin were great in the summer of 72 and if you read my post I clearly stated that I thought zeppelin played better shows earlier in the tour i love the 2 Seattle shows and the 2 Nassau shows from the 72 tour in fact they are 4 of my all time favorite zeppelin shows my point was that the early years including 1972 could use some more releases so jimmy saying summer 72 was their peak goes right along with my point that why need more early releases. For what it's worth though plants voice was in far better shape in 70 and 71 then it was in 72 but instrumentally the band was pretty fucking tight on 1972. But I prefer shows where plant is still at the top of his upper register which is 1970 and 1971. So people love the latter shows more and I can see why . My favorite shows post 72 are the l.a 77 shows I know there are shows on 73 that are better instrumentally but I like l.a 77 for plants voice and the band as a whole a in fantastic latter year forum. But I would never tell anyone they were wrong even if Tempe or Oakland were their favorite shows
  25. Not a newbie by any stretch I've been listening to zeppelin for 25 years and I'm . And i never said and I never said rah or the hwww were not oustsanding shows but on my opinion they played shows that were better in that era and in my opinion that includes the 71 japan shows . In 1970 o think shows like Memphis montreux both l.a shows San Diego and the msg shows were alot better then royal Albert hall. In 1972 I think the 2 Seattle shows and the 2 Nassau shows are better then the hwww shows which I still think are awesome shows I've listened to every zep bootleg 20 times over so I'm not anywhere close to a newbie. There are tonnes of great sounding boots from 73 onwards and a limited amount of good sounding recordings from pre 73 and I'm an sorry if my favorite shows are different from yours and I'm am sorry if my love of japan 71 is offensive to anyone .
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