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  1. I strongly believe osaka black dog could be from a a mixdown tape as well and if so could be made to sound great with today's technology. To me it doesn't really sound like the other 71 boards or any zeppelin board for that matter .
  2. Something from the 1971 back to the club's tour would be amazing. That was the last full tour where plants voice was at its peak. Belfast is an insane vocal performance. The 2 1972 Seattle shows and the 2 Nassau shows from the same year are at the top of my list. Milwaukee August 31 1970 is another one of my favorites. One of plants greatest performances . His range at that show is mind blowing. The handful of German shows in the summer of 1970 following bath are some other of my dream shows. Really any show from bath to msg in 1970 in an quality would be a dream. For me that period is plants prime. It's the only period where plants voice is consistently amazing every single show. His range is unbelievable during that time. He hits every scream and high note and his voice almost never cracks. Soaring clean and powerful upper range.
  3. My number one concert at the top of my wish list is Vancouver 1971 opening night of the 71 north American tour. Plants voice was so great the next night in l.a so was probably even better in Vancouver. Probably a montruex 71 level vocal performance. They always seemed to step up their game in Vancouver. The 1970 concert was great and the 2 1975 shows were imo 2 of the best 5 shows of 1975 and 2 of the better post 73 shows. Someone spiking Robert with acid messed up the concert in 1973. But there is about 0 chance I will get to hear that show.
  4. Page not liking his rough ideas floating around is not about Someone stealing them for a song it's about poeple hearing him working on ideas that may have been not so great ideas or him stumbling through a new idea. Or tapes that show him trying to turn someone eleses song into his own.
  5. I seriously doubt show co would say fuck you we will record your shows if we want because we are irreplaceable zeppelin was one of their biggest clients and i am sure they would want to keep that relationship a good one. Zeppelin gave show co their break they were just s small start up company when zeppelin hired them. Zeppelin may not have been able to replace show co but they could make sure the guys running the board who said fuck we are recording didn't work the next tour and if they recorded the shows and leaked them they could be sued by zeppelin. There are more then one way to skin a cat.
  6. Zeppelin road crew watched the board and the sound guys very closely constantly checking to make sure no unauthorized recorders were patched in.
  7. I think he choose the Millard tape because the June 21 Millard tape sounds better then the 77 board tapes. The double neck guitar tone on th 77 sb tapes is very muddy and buzzy. The 77 sb tapes don t show page in a good light. Soundboard audio synced to 8mm can footage would seem very odd and jarring for some people. An audience recording synced to 8mm audience footage would come across as much more authentic. The average zep fan he only ever listens to or buys official product would not know the footage and audio are from different performances.
  8. I remember reading a quote by plant about the 1971 japan tapes where he said everyone was disappointed with the sound quality and he said we have made better sounding recordings with an old revox recorder which is what they used to record the board tapes.
  9. The sb tapes coming from show co employees is the most likely source but I wonder why they waited so long to start selling them. The first revolution release was in 2002. Seems weird they would wait 25 years to leak them. Unless the show co employees passes the tapes down to a younger family member. Or someone discovered the tapes after a former show co employees passes on. We will probably never know for sure.
  10. Didn't Kevin shirley say the hardest stuff on the DVD to make sound good was royal albert hall because he only had 6 tracks to work with.
  11. I have read that there were some issues with how the japan shows were recorded and the equipment was used. Peter Grant said they did not have a decent multi track machine to use so they recorded the shows on a six track solid state recording board at that point solid state recording gear was a newer thing and the early stuff was not that great. Tube boards were still the standard at that point. Also the Japanese audio engineers from Atlantic's Japanese division supposedly didn't record the shows very well and it's most likely they were just not used to recording live rock as loud as zeppelin. 6 tracks if that's true does not give you much to work with a mixdown. But all of that could be smoke and mirrors by page and grant to keep the record company from pestering jimmy about those tapes.
  12. Yeah Its a real shame what is happening to physical media I love buying boxers and am really in to the dylan bootleg series greatful dead and rolling stones archive releases and it's frustrating that in a few years theese types of releases will start to disspear and everything will be down load and fucking usb sticks. I'm not an audiophile by any stretch by i love well recorded well mastered album played on a decent stereo system.
  13. I wish evsd would go back to 2 releases a year or do more releases like double shot. Maybe they are slowing the pace to 1 a year because they are getting low on boards.
  14. I wonder if the person who leaked the Southampton and royal albert mixdown tapes have copies of some of the other 11 shows that were given mixdown during work on DVD and hwww. Most likely not as it's been a long time since those 2 mixdown tapes were released.
  15. If it's that old it's even more likely to be one of the tapes stolen from page. June 7 77 msg just may be the latest 77 board evsd has after all. Hope not. Really want that June 22 77 forum sb
  16. God father records and balboa records released as well.
  17. Probably one of shirleys assistants that worked with him on dvd and hwww.
  18. I could be wrong but don t multitrack tapes need at least rough 2 track mixdown to actually be listened too I don't think you can just put a multitrack reel on a machine press play and listen to the whole band. Maybe Somebody with recording and studio knowledge could clarify.
  19. The 1973 boards recorded in small venues on the u.k and Europe tours did have alot more clarity than the u.s 73 boards. Stoke u.k is a great sounding board even though it's too life on Jones bass.
  20. Most likely osaka black dog is just a board but it just sounds so much better then the other 71 and 1973 boards which all have a similar sound. Could be an unpolished very quick rough multi track mixdown. Multitracks in their raw forum can be dry and quite dull but not as dull as a typical boardvtype and black dog is alot less dry then the other 3 71 boards. But that could be down to the festival hall being a smaller venue.
  21. I know this is highly unlikely but i wonder if somone is hoarding any more of the 73 boards that were taken from pages home. I know it's been about 20 years since the last 73 release so chances a next to zero. But the 73 shows seem to have 2 reels with the first going up to just before stairway or just after with the second reel having heartbreaker whole lotta love the encores and sometimes stairway. With so many soundboards of just the last hour of 73 shows out there and many other shows that have the first 3 quarters out but not the endings you would think the other reels for those shoes would be out there. The robbers probably grabbed what they they could as fast as they could or maybe those tapes they took were all that was laying around.
  22. Just did some checking and it seems June 11 first surfaced in 2000 and was released on the celebration label. So it is not part of the revolution series. Maybe another one of those tapes from jimmys house.
  23. I seem to recall a release of June 11 77 that had the soundboard portion either mixed in with the audience tape or as bonus material. There was release of June 7th with the 11th included as bonus material but I don't think it surfaced for the first time on either of those releases.
  24. The 1977 zeppelin live data base has the info on the June 11th soundboard fragment it's on you tube as well no quarter starts out audience recording and then switches to sb for the jam and guitar solo. I'm not too computer savvy so I can't provide link.
  25. Most likely the tapes come from a show co emplyee and and didnt Peter Grant say show co misplaced or lost a road case with 70 to 80 reels or tapes or is that just an internet myth. I wonder if it would be 70 to 80 shows or 70 to 80 tapes as each show from 75 and 77 would be quite long and require 2 or 3 reels or cassettes per show. Alain the 75 and 77 tours combined would have been about 80 shows. Also if each show had 2 reels the then 80 tapes could represent about 40 shows which would confirm the only have a subset of dates from each of those 2 tours.
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