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  1. That's not even possible. Being a prick maybe, but not a troll. A troll only exists to be trollish. My record on the other hand is much more than that. Do you really think that Del Zeppnile is only a troll? And what then would you call those retards that post endlessly in the 'game threads' day after day, hour after hour? Are they interesting and informative contributing members? Or how about the wipers of other people's bottoms who post every sneeze and fart of one aging blond rock star? Yet have nothing interesting to say on any other subject? At some point even "small things" is more likely to entertain than that.
  2. To all the assclowns of the world, especially you Helen and Li---

    Eat my big American Shorts



  3. The entire state of Georgia is a shithole and you know it. You've got more white supremacists and people of color than a Spike Lee film. Who are you trying to impress cupcake?
  4. It's beginning to look a lot like assclowns everywhere I go
  5. It's raining like assclowns and mods outside right now.
  6. Here Lies Del Zeppnile 2002 - 2009
  7. I have no idea why the mods here have no sense of humor.
  8. My epitaph: BRING BACK SPATS!
  9. Passionate maybe, but never emotional. The emotional response would be the one where certain people are unwilling to acknowledge or accept the facts and realities of the situation/threat; and further presume to apply motives for that threat because of some "feeling" inside their assclownery infected minds (i.e., an emotional response). It does no good to claim "concern" yet make excuses for the offender. It's like saying, "I really feel for the family of that young man who died in the drunk driving auto accident, and I offer my condolences for their loss. However, the man driving the car that killed him was just having a bad day." Even despite the fact that he had prior drunk driving incidents and had consumed over a case of beer that day. It's really more like that. Assclownery that should not be defended or excused... .
  10. Spats said that he had a crush on one of the mods. He didn't say he had actually had a relationship with the mod, and didn't even know if the mod was a man or a female. He just liked the tone of the warnings he used to get. I think the guy was just lonely and wanted friends.
  11. Spats once confided in me that he was so afraid of catching VD from a woman because of something that happened to his older brother during Vietnam; that he would wear a condom even when he went swimming in public pool.
  12. Spats would sometimes PM me and ask me questions about some of the women on the forum. He usually wanted to know if I thought he had a chance at any of them. When I said, "sure why not" since many of them seemed interested in everything he posted. Spat then just said, "they are probably beneath me" -- if they would even consider a relationship with him.
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