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  1. That is amazing... nice find. If Page, Jones, and Jason ever really did dare tour w/ another singer, Robert can respond... ;-)
  2. I was at the '77 BR show... Zep came on about 9 - traffic from a bad accident. Show ended at 12:30. I was 6 feet from the stage - deaf for the entire next day. Plant said right after they played Going to California: "It's kinda hard to stand on a mountain of dreams when there's all those little green things flying at you"... (referring to those green light-sticks which were prominent at the time).
  3. The covers vary in both time and space. Time, in the variation in flames - space, via the perspectives of the other folks in the room.
  4. "Why did Robert Plant hate David Covedale?" Because in 1988, David Coverversion was getting World Props for doing his version of Plant to huge audiences on MTV and world tours...
  5. I'm with a couple of folks above. 'Best' is subjective. It can't be quantified. 'Favorite', 'Of the greatest', 'Legend', 'Innovative', 'Rock God', 'Superstar', etc., ... these can always apply to Pagey.
  6. I'm 47 as well... Was 17 in '77 when I saw the Band at Baton Rouge's LSU Assembly Center on May 19, 1977... 6 feet from center stage on the floor, I was literally deafened for 24 hours after the Show. One of the greatest experiences of my life.
  7. I dig Maynard's 'feminine side' as he puts it, with APC... Their Mer de Noms CD is on par with anything ever recorded, IMO...
  8. Aside from Mothership and TSRTS, A Perfect Circle's Mer de Noms...
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