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  1. Medhb

    Pet Peeves

    You've heard me complain about NJ drivers before but today's incident took the cake: I'm merging onto the highway and the merge lane is a very sharp curve so you have to go a bit slow to see the traffic flow and then punch it to get in. I'm just punching it and ready to move into the lane and here's a dip shit sitting at the Y of the merge on the shoulder BACKING UP!!!!! I have to swerve 2 lanes FAST to avoid getting backed into on the frikking highway! Good thing the lane was empty next to me. Who does that shit?
  2. Medhb

    Pet Peeves

    Detroit steel, I'll always buy American. Unless there's no longer a choice
  3. Medhb


    VERY scary headline to read! Something is fishy with that poor chuiwawa (sp??) That huge fork 'accidentally' went into his head? Sorry, I'm not quite buying that story. Yes, his eyes are haunting and I want to bring him home with me right now!
  4. Obviously Jimmy didn't write the lyrics. His taste was a little more like 30-23-30 wasn't it?
  5. I suggest doing as I have. Blocking irritants like that makes reading the boards more enjoyable. It can't construct a sentence, has never said anything worth listening to and grows more life if it is acknowledged. Don't waste your brain cells
  6. I got lost on the way to the Dr. and was 9 minutes late. I arrived to find the door locked. It took me 3 months to get that appointment. Needless to say I'll be using another doctor.
  7. At least HE has a funny story Spats. What do you have....? If you don't wash any dishes you'll never break any.
  8. Alicia!!! Happy Birthday!!! It's hard to believe you are 'only' 16, you are wise beyond your years. Don't worry about your mom Honey, she's not upset, she just can't believe how fast the time flew by. Yesterday you were a baby and now you are Sweet 16!! I hope you have a wonderful, perfect day!!!
  9. I wonder what a band really nets though from touring. I always viewed touring as promotion but of course I could be wrong! But after you give the venue their cut, Ticketmaster or whoever, your travel expenses, lodging, food, roadies, stage design, ect. I think you really have to love touring or are promoting unless you're a big ticket item like (it kills me to even say it but) Madonna, or even Miley frikking Cyrus. I wanted to get my neice tix...they were over $150 a seat. What a scab! Her audience is young girls! Now they whine until mommy and daddy fork out the big bucks....um, erm, ok, off on a tangent I'm done now! In comparison, Clapton/Winwood tix were about $65.
  10. Sarkovy's response is priceless! Obama, probably took a quick glimpse...I mean, it was THERE! I would have admired it too. Nothing wrong with admiring a shapely body but I don't think he was disgusting about it, and certainly nothing Michelle should be upset about.
  11. Oh Del Darling, I've missed you! I like your old pic though, bring back Jack! You're not as visually stimulating as the viking dude you are using now
  12. You met up with Knebby in NO? Knebby! You never mentioned you were traveling this way!
  13. Reswati? Has no pipe? Does not compute Cool pic!!
  14. Medhb

    Pet Peeves

    What the heck concerts are you going to?! I've seen plenty of spilled beer but throwing it in the air? At venue prices? :'(
  15. Medhb

    Pet Peeves

    That flood control on this board must be set to: threads=4 doyyyy!!!
  16. Medhb

    Pet Peeves

    Ahahahahah! I second that
  17. Medhb

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Wow! Thanks for the scans ladies! So cool to see 'new' pics!!
  18. Medhb


    I agree with EL here. You are basically loving a dying person. It doesn't matter what they are dying from, you will be faced with much pain, sorrow, uncertainty, and anger at times. In my experience with alcholics - you can not help someone who does not want to help themselves and you can't make them want to help their self. My cousin continued to live and drink 2 years beyond the puking blood stage. I would guess that your friend may have several years left since as the disease progresses it the amount of booze they can drink decreases. This is because the body is so saturated that only a small amount is needed. My ex-husband (a reformed alcoholic - Yay!!) was able to come to that hard conclusion that he could never have another drink. His brother is at rock bottom, barely maintaining a life and admittedly unhappy but unwilling to change. Their father died from alcolohism. The last months of his life painful to live through, the shakes, the dt's, the coffee cup with his booze in it. My uncle's wife, gave it up long enough to get a new liver then went through that one and died. My other uncle's wife who is now down to only a couple of beers a day but is a walking skeleton who looks at least 30 years older than she is.... And my dear cousin. We were born days apart, we loved each other dearly...nothing I could say or do could make him want to stop the self destructive behavior. He had a wife and children! He couldn't do it for himself or for them. He died at the age of 47. If you stay around for any of the probably good reasons you have, realize that you may have no impact at all on the situation except to be there to wipe puke off her face and clean her up, or pay her rent, or bail her out of jail. All enabling gestures for sure. Tough decision when you love someone....of course you do that for them. Or do you? Do you stop, let them find out that their lifestyle really sucks and only they can fix it? As several have mentioned, you may want to see a therapist yourself to help you work through these feelings. I feel for you my friend. You are going to experience pain no matter what your decision. Praying for you and that this woman will find it within herself to pull herself up. She's lucky to have a friend like you.
  19. Thanks so much TypeO, that means a lot to me. I think one of the problems with humanity in general (which of course affects any entity we touch) is we are afraid to admit we were wrong, or change our minds, or reconsider. Once a plan has been laid it seems like it's full speed ahead and damn the torpedo's. I see this all the time from upper management where I work and I'm pretty confident it's not unique to my particular workplace. If people would just allow their pride to move out of the way and re-assess on a regular basis, and react to those re-assessments...well, how many disasters could have been diverted. How many courses of action could we now be changing? I hope that Obama will soon do a re-assessment and realize the long term affects of some of the very important plans he is currently laying down. Let's pray that a strong 3rd party representitive comes along in the next 3 years because if Obama doesn't live up to expectations and the republicans don't get it together and find a strong candidate then where shall we turn?! I'm already half ass seriously considering moving to Costa Rica and joining a commune The biggest hitch is my husband says I'll have to send him postcards
  20. As all probably remember, I voted for him and debated for him. I must admit to beginning to feel a disappointed. On the foreign relationships front, I, personally, feel he is making good strides to building better relationships. I'm very pleased that we are uniting with Russia to 'encourage' Iran and N. Korea to stop any nuclear plans. On the other had, domestic affairs....he's scaring me. Everyone who screamed 'socalism' and I ignored, you can say 'I told you so'! Either I didn't carry the vision through far enough or his vision and mine were a bit different. No import taxes, yet we're going to put energy taxes on all manufacturing in the US? OK, do the energy taxes but we MUST have import taxes....he's making a recipe for destruction. The gaffes that have occured in the short time he's been president have been more than one would expect to be normal. Yes, I'm nervous. As many here have pointed out....and I've always believed personally as well, we NEED a good strong thrid party. But we need to support it! Grass roots, If it could be pulled off with the sophistication that Obams's campaign was maybe it could really happen. OK, I'm not eating crow for dinner yet but it looks like my appetizer is crow eggs on a bed of mixed wild greens
  21. Medhb

    Pet Peeves

    When people react to situations from an ego based perspective. Take the ego out of the equation and watch how many things go smoother in life....
  22. I hate to say it but it kinda seems like you were set up from the beginning. The girl that introduced you to her probably saw you as a high roller and figured her friend could have a good time at your expense. Obviously you were taken advantage of. That is so sad, becuase obviously you are a generous and considerate man. Women like that give other women a bad name. I agree with bongman, also buying anyone a coach bag on the first date is uncalled for. I have a friend that was always going over the top like that on first dates and I know with him it either attracted gold diggers or scared the normal women off a bit because they saw it as a bit desperate. Don't let this bad experience jade you, just be more cautious in the future. You learn something from every event and situation in your life. Hoping you find the girl of your dreams soon! Sounds like she will be a lucky woman!
  23. GREAT topic!! We can get some new ideas! Besides donations to selected charities, I volunteer at our local Sr. Center occasionally and really focus daily on the 'pay it forward' idea. I try to take advantage of every opportunity to help someone, make them smile, or even just acknowledge them. I've also stopped buying bottled water. I now have a gallon filter that I keep in my fridge and use a stainless steel bottle to refill. Also, oddly enough, I take my wire hangers back to the dry cleaner. He's VERY happy to get them and reuse them and I'm delighted to not waste them and fill the landfills with hangers, LOL! At work, we no longer have paper cups, we all use mugs. And I pack my lunch in glass containers so I'm not using disposable goods. We donate food at least once a month to the local churches and organizations that assist the underprivelidged.
  24. yum!! Happy (late) Birthday Ev!!
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