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  1. You are welcome, pj040403,and I agree with you Jimmy was lucky he had wildest period in the 70’s (not only him but also other many rock stars though ) and I also don’t need to know their debauchery from those days. Personally I consider that those acts were just for stress release from hard works on the road. Did any of LZ members break up with their then partners because of those acts in heyday? None. The reason why I think Brad Tolinski's book is wonderful is that he avoided this sort of things. Brad said in an interview of rokin’on (Japanese rock magazine) December issue interviewed by
  2. This is Jimmy’s interview by Nick Kent in 1976. You would learn only a little about him around these days. I can’t put the link. Perhaps we might pay for that site now. Jimmy Page: Shy Rock Star Almost Unburdens Himself By Nick Kent (Originally Published: 04/01/1977, Creem) I've known Led Zeppelin professionally for probably 4 years now, starting back in the winter of 1972 when I was sent out on the road with them only to find myself ending up in a fairly ludicrous but nonetheless highly tense argument with Jimmy Page in the dressing-room on the very first night. I immediately t
  3. This topic has been one of Jimmy’s mysteries for a long time. Of all fans, no one knows the truth and no one can explain it correctly as far as I know. I’m sure they (Jimmy and Charlotte) will keep silent about this and I love it. Jimmy constantly claims that he had a stable family life in his LZ era in the book (Light and Shade) or in recent magazines,like Guitar World even though he had not exposed it to public in those days,except for a few interviews by a few reliable writers. I just believe his own words. Brad Tolinski’s book tells us some hints that what Jimmy thought of his family
  4. Mine will reach me 25th or 26th. Before it, I’ve already checked some contents of it on amazon.com as always. Personally I think the value of this book is that above all Jimmy is OK. There are no other books like that and this book is much different from many other tabloid-like books. According to the author Brad Tolinski, all info is from Jimmy himself. The author mainly did focus on Jimmy's musical achievements and at the same time pulled his honest feelings in respective eras too. I love Jimmy's interviews from Guitar World magazines though I did not read all of them. Some of them re
  5. ZISH, When I found your former thread was removed I felt so sad and I could not understand the reason. If it was done by yourself I'd like to respect your will. And as other members have already said, I also think you (your experiences)are so precious for this forum. Please keep enjoying here!
  6. Thanks for the nice thread,Knebby. Probably you forgot this cutting. I remember you showed us this lovely article here at first a few years ago.
  7. Unfortunately there is no credit. But probably this interviewer was a female correspondent from Shinko Music LTD who lived in London at that time. She writes that she met all Led Zep members at some party and that they were very cheerful people. This is an another interview from ML magazine which was on July issue 1982. It was the first and the exclusive interview of Jimmy Page after Led Zeppelin disbanded in 1980(sorry, this is also all written in Japanese). This was done at Swan Song office on May,1982. The writer’s name is Kim Yamakado/ London Correspondent –Shinko Music Exclusive Writ
  8. Jimmy Page was/is famous for his mysterious image,but I recognize he once in a while shows his true face to fans,especially when he is happy. This is his interview which was on the January issue of MUSIC LIFE magazine 1977. The interview was done at Swan Song office on November 10,1976 . Jimmy rejoiced at the success of the movie"The Song Remains The Same" and said he was looking forward to coming US (1977) tour. In addition,he said as he separated from his family due to the tax problem and he wanted to stay at home for a while. He also said that he was busy for the preparation for US
  9. If you really want to know about their relationship or something close to the truth in those days, I personally think you should find it on another places. There are few members who know it here. Even if a few people know it they would not write anything in detail here,because this is the public space. The various situation surrounded him in Zep era was much different from another era,I think. Jimmy said to the Japanese magazine named rockin’on (July issue) in 1982 that the legal marriage system was not so important to him and that he had lived with the same woman in the past 12 years. And
  10. Thank you,aen for your efforts almost everyday. I also feel happy that Jimmy mentions his beautiful family on his own website. All of them must have been proud of Dr.Jimmy page. According to Scarlet Page Photography on Facebook, this photo was taken by Scarlet.
  11. Recently Jimmy wrote on On This Day ''Richie Yorke was one of the first people to capitalise from Led Zeppelin by writing an unauthorised book.''despite Yorke had been said to be an only trusted music journalist by LZ members in the 70's.To be honest,I was a little bit shocked at this entry. I personally think one of the reasons why Jimmy doesn't like most books on him is that there are many inaccuracies in those books(about his private life too). Did anyone actually ask Jimmy himself or his real people about his private life? Most quotes are just from unreliable books published in the pa
  12. As Robert had his second son Logan in 1979 with Maureen,wasn't this girl just an encounter to him on the road?Of course I'm sure she must have been one of his favorite road girls too. As for Jimmy,he has sometimes talked about his family life to some media that he really trusted.I saw his that interviews several times. This is one of them, Guitar World May issue 2007 Jimmy Page interview.(P.54) Led Zeppelin - In 1973, Led Zeppelin were flying high...in more ways than one. The story behind Houses of the Holy, the album that made the group international superstars.'We really only sociali
  13. Alice75

    Band Photos

    Thank you very much for all these precious photos and article,dear friend!All of them are new to me. I'm glad to know that boys had visited Hong Kong before their second Japan tour in 1972. (I had heard it somewhere,but I had not seen the proof)It's so interesting. Thanks again!
  14. Alice75

    Band Photos

    Thank you for the link,PlanetPage.I could not see photos,but I'll register there later. They visited Nanzen-ji,which is a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan on September 1971. In addition,40 years later(October 2011,the same place,that I took a picture).
  15. Thank you,aen27 and PlanetPage,as always.I love Jimmy's OTD and am looking forward to see it almost everyday.Though I sometimes miss it,I always can see when I come here. I personally see this OTD is Jimmy's semi-autobiography. I heard Jimmy tended to forget the names or faces of people whom he had met in the past,so I believe every OTD is done by himself.
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