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Edgar and Johnny Winter in Morristown, NJ 3/28/09


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I saw Edgar and Johnny Winter at the Morristown Community Theater (Morristown, NJ) last night and it was a blast. First off the theater was basically a small movie theater-type venue so you are right in front of the band. Great acoustics in here too.

Edgar came out first. They did a few tunes from his new album. Than they did some White Trash stuff like Turn Off your Love Light (great jam). They did the infamous Frankenstein where each musician took turns jamming out and Edgar played the keyboards, sax, and drums. His standing keyboard must be heard live to truly appreciate it. It was like a huge windstorm live.

Tobacco Road was a twenty minute monster where they did excerpts from other tunes like In Gadda Da Vida, Money, and Kashmir. The bassist, Koko Powell, was amazing. They also did some other songs I didn't know but I have to say (without hopefully getting flamed) that Edgar and his guitarist did the voice-guitar responds thing that Plant-Page made famous better than anyone I have ever seen. His guitarist, Doug Rappoprt, is a mix of Page and Eddie Van Halen. They ended with Shout and for their encore they did, Free Ride. I really enjoyed Edgar.

After a small break, Johnny came out to rock the house. He's very frail looking and basically sits the entire show. They did Oakie Dokie Stomp, Red House, and It's All Over Now. To be honest, I did not know as many of his songs as Edgar's. Lots of blues and just plain sick guitar playing. The scary part is that he hardly looks at the guitar while jamming. He also played showed off some nice slide work too.

If you get a chance, see the Winter Brothers live. You will not regret one second of it. The crowd was really into it. Lots of fun!

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I forgot to mention a few things BTW:

The Johnny Winter Band

Paul Nelson [Guitars]

Scott Spray [bass]

Vito Liuzzi [Drums]

Paul Nelson is a fabulous guitarist. He warmed up with the band, left for most of the show, and played the last few songs with JW. Also, I forgot to mention that Edgar came out and played one song on sax with JW.

Also, in my review I meant the Money jam was the "For the Love Of Money" by the O'Jays; not Pink Floyd's version. :slapface:

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