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SNL: People getting punched just before eating.


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Hello. I'm sure most of you are familiar with SNL (Saturday Night Live) if you live in the United States.

I've seen this video a.. LOT of times. I still cannot figure out what the song is in this video.

This is SNL: People Getting Punched just before Eating -- Starring Andy Samberg.


Can anyone identify the song, and please, if you haven't seen this video before, give your opinion on it :)

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Oh, ty. I really like that song, but mainly only for that skit. It just makes it funnier than it already was, which was really funny.

I remember it but haven't seen it in a long time. I was a SNL fan in the first few years and then would usually watch it for a guest i wanted to see. However, over the last Presidential election i watched it weekly for the hilarious skits the candidates provoked! Now i'm back to checking out who is appearing before i watch. Your welcome!

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