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What about Queen?

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Well, good question....

yeah I like them too, Freddie was one of the greatest entertainers in rock history.

I have almost all their albums on vinyl except The Works and Flash.

I also have a nice collection of Queen vinyl bootlegs which I cherish very much.

One thing I think is that they should have quit after freddie's death. As much as I like Paul Rodgers, it ain't Queen anymore today with only two original members in it.

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Love early Queen 73-79, not at all keen on '80 onwards. The odd track maybe.


I grew up with their era/music, so they are naturally part of me... :D )

Together they are brilliant musicians, exceptionally skilled, Freddie of course one of the greatest vocalist who ever lived........I did fall out a bit with queen with respect to Fat Bottom Girls, I am love with my car, another one bite the dust, of course there other classics, masterpieces......... :D :D

I was hoping that RollingStone would dedicate entire cover to Freddie upon his passing, but it was just a head line news....He deserved a Rolling Stone Cover......... :(

other than that, I have some personal doubts with respect to Freddie's true identity and why he felt the need to be somebody he wasn't (Name Change/Hide I.D.)....but I don't count this against his fine musicianship...He remains one of my fav. musicians of all time....

Miss you Freddie...always loved you, no matter what ...truly... :wub:

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Freddie has to be the best showman of them all in rock. There are so many great tracks by them, I even liked the much maligned Hot Space (ducks) but to me they did have a few fillers on the abums, but really original band with a distinctive sound, these days thats a rarity, lots of great bands and musicians but hard to know them apart, so for that reason they are important. Didn't like the album with PR though.

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