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Left Handed?


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I think there was a picture not too long ago of the band checking in at a hotel, or something. Apparently they're all left handed? I'm not sure where that picture is on here, forgot :( .

That is very funny if they are, you know, left handed people more creative and what not blah blah what ever those psychologist say... :D

Anyone else find that a tad interesting?

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That sign at the top that is backwards to us, because it is clear and facing the opposing side of the desk clerk's side of the counter! I can see how some one would think that it was accidentally reversed making it look as Jimmy Page, John Bonham and Robert Plant are actually left handed. :slapface:

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Here is the original version of the picture you talked about, which is reversed.


They were not using their left hand here.

Hi Glicine,

But they are left handed here. :o


and here they are walking like flies on the ceiling. :o:o


and left handed flies at that. :o:o:o

Regards, Danny

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